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What scares you the most? Killer clowns? Serial killers? Or perhaps what lurks in the dark?

"Nightlight" delves into what happens when a group of friends travels into the woods after a classmate commits suicide there, to play what they call "flashlight games". But are they really just playing a game? Or is there something in the woods with them, watching their every move? More importantly, will it let them leave?

I am terrified of the dark. It's something I don't like to admit as a horror fan, because it seems a little does someone that loves blood and gore and all things horror-related not like the dark? There's just something about not being able to see what could be on any side of you that makes my skin crawl. I know I'm not the only one, you can all stop lying...okay, maybe I'm just a big baby.

But I’m so excited to have been able to see this film so early!

Here’s my own personal review of the film:

Nightlight was a film that literally played on my exact worst fear: being unaware of what is skulking in the shadows. I'm normally wary of found-footage-type films because I typically find them to be cheesy, but this concept was different- the film is seen through the point-of-view of a flashlight. What the flashlight is pointed at is what you see, so it's like you're seeing exactly what each character is seeing. Well, that means you can't see what's behind you, and when you're in the woods late at night when everyone told you not to go there, you can only assume some crazy, scary stuff is going to happen.

The character dynamic is really fun, because it's realistic. There's the "not-so-cool girl" Robin (Shelby Young), trying to fit in with the group of popular kids. There's Nia (Chloe Bridges), the beautiful, popular girl winning everyone's attention, there's Amelia (Taylor Ashley Murphy), the best friend of the popular girl, Ben (Mitch Hewer), the beautiful love interest of just about everyone, and Chris (Carter Jenkins), who is the jokester of the group. It's the exact group of people we see in our everyday lives. You find yourself rooting for the underdog, Robin, to rise up and overcome all of the obstacles the group faces while they're in the deep, dark woods...

Now, if your fear is the dark, you've got it. If your fear is being attacked by a wild animal, you've got it. If you have a fear of paranormal entities and demons, it's here. This film touches on some of the most terrifying things that people claim to experience all of the time. That's what makes it feel so real and relatable.

It's got jump-scares galore; I'm not going to lie, I jumped out of my skin a few times. The suspense, as well, is plentiful and intense. There were many times that I was gripping my blanket, yelling "no, no, no!" The anticipation of what's going to come out of the dark is enough to make your head spin, but what actually comes at you...that's where the true terror is. It's stuff of nightmares, you guys. I'm telling you.

It's got a brand new perspective, too. Something I've never seen before in a horror film- it's all filmed through the perspective of the flashlights being carried around. Yes, you read that right. So anything the light touches is what you see.

This is going to be a tough film to top in 2015, considering there are so many different kinds of fear involved, plus that brand new perspective.

I would absolutely recommend you give this film a watch. The trailer is creepy in itself, but the film as a whole is well-done, and definitely scary.

Make sure to see and experience Nightlight today!

WHAT ARE YOU MOST SCARED OF? Leave me a comment and let me know what you thought of the film!


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