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Sony has been through a lot recently, what with the hacks and some issues with mishandling franchises, but what they still have is worth a lot - and that of course is The James Bond Franchise. Next on the 007 slate is [Spectre](movie:660009), and the teaser trailer has just been released.

Check it out here:

Bond has a secret?

The face, presumably, of his brother is burned out in this picture recovered from Skyfall... makes sense that they would have found a relic like this.

This sends Bond off to meet with... Mr. White?

This is so cool. Less glitz/glamour, and more intrigue.

What is this logo?

Is this the 'Spectre' logo?

Mr. White looks all kinds of effed up

Creepy... "you're a kite dancing in a hurricane, Mr. Bond". Wow. And so this leads us to Bond heading over to some kind of Illuminati hideout/meeting.

Is this James' brother? Played by Christoph Waltz?

I absolutely love this. This mysterious organization, presumably led by Waltz, Bond's brother looks creepy. And the James Bond theme song in the background hauntingly playing... sign me up!


I've gotta be honest, I wasn't sure how this would come out. But WOW! Awesome.



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