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Mara Mullikin

With Insurgent already released I was fortunate enough to receive my own Google Cardboard viewer. And it may not sound or look impressive, but after downloading the Insurgent VR app off my phone, I put my device into the viewer and was able to experience a 3-d event in the Divergent series realm.

In this scenario, you're a 'divergent', held against your will by Jeanie Matthews (Kate Winslet). As you're restrained and hooked up, you're put to test with a series of cognitive reproductions. Watching the video without the viewer is a far less compelling journey. And best part of it is is the app's free! You can easily find a pair of these viewers online for more or less than $10.

What I can describe from my own incident is that it's an exciting, adrenaline rushing and action packed adventure. I felt seamlessly placed in their universe, and expressed frustration, fear and the weight of the world on my shoulders as a I faced these trials. I truly felt like a divergent. But, as soon as it ended and I took off the viewer did I realize I was just an ordinary gal, gasping and screaming in my living room. :(

Make sure to see Insurgent, now in theaters!

Below is the link to the app.



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