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So I am a HUGE DC fan. It started with the show teen titans, then grew from there into an intense obsession. So of course with that love comes favorite characters, and let me tell you it was so hard to choose. The first four came no problem but the last one was just like, who do I choose? I eventually did decide, and this is the result!

5. Kid Flash (Wally West)- Flirty, sarcastic, and a good person, Wally is one of my favorites and definitely my favorite speedster. I honestly haven't read to many actual comics with him in it but whenever I see him in anything I just love him.

4. Cheshire- Without a doubt my favorite villain/assassin/awesome ninja, she is just so cool. After falling in love with her in young justice I looked into her in the original comics and she is just so ninja.

3. Hawkgirl- A girl with giant hawk wings, how could you not love that? Anyway, she also just keeps going no matter what is thrown her way; and hits it with a mace.

2. Artemis Crock (Tigress)- In the TV show young justice she is an important character, and shes not so much in the comics but she's still one of my all time favorites.

1. Raven- My favorite character ever, hero or non hero. After watching and loving her in the teen titans TV show, she is just that character that I will never get over. She never gives up on the idea of her being free and able to do as she pleases in life; because she has to keep her powers under control to keep her father from finding her. But even though she's meant to do horrible things, she becomes a hero after bringing the titans together to fight her father Trigon.


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