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5. Ezio Auditore da Firenze

Ezio is on the list because he is the most efficient assassin from the AC games. He Is a long lasting assassin with a Batman-esque origin. Being friends with Leonardo da Vinci, Ezio gets all the cool toys to complete his fight against the Templars.

4. Captain America/ Steve Rogers

Cap is the first Marvel superhero. He wields a near indestructible shield. He is worthy of Mjolnir. He was director of SHIELD after he rose from the dead. He is an all around good guy with great ideals. What's not to like about Steve?

3. Deathstroke the Terminator/ Slade Joseph Wilson

Slade Wilson first appeared in New Teen Titans #2 back in 1980. He has a DC "super solider serum". He is skilled with guns, swords, and many other weapons. He can use up to 90% of his brain capacity being able to outwit even the likes of Batman. He can do all of this and yet he is old. Cool right?

2. Batman/ Bruce Wayne

The bat, the dark knight detective, the world's greatest detective, no matter what you call him, Batman is the best. He has been a green, black, and yellow lantern. He can take on Superman any day. He's richer, yet less corrupt than Lex Luthor. Who wouldn't like Batman.

1. Deadpool/ Wade Wilson

The merc with the mouth is the interdimensional cousin of Slade Wilson. He is skilled with just about every weapon. He has a healing factor. Wade is HILARIOUS with his wittiness and craziness. He even can kill the entire Marvel universe. I ❤️ DEADPOOL!!!!!


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