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So! It's time for that for your favorite superheroes and supervillans. 'm going to make both lists, but here is the first one. Marvel! By the way, as the list number increases, so does my liking for the hero, so 1 is least and 5 is most.


The Silver Surfer

Ah, The Silver Surfer. Nude sky-rider of the space-ways. So for the contest, You have to put reasons why you like that character. Well. What is there NOT to like about him? He is the involuntary server of Galactus, the all-powerful space god, wielding the power cosmic at his fingertips!


The Vision

The bad-a robot built by Ultron himself, turned good by the Avengers while joining them too! The Vision is great because he can think and feel, just like a human, even though he's an android. He can also shoot a laser out of hhis head and phase through stuff.



The big rock dude. Yeah, you know him. He's Thing. One of the strongest guys in the Marvel universe. Hit by cosmic rays while on a mission in space, Benjamin Grimm and the rest of his crew were turned into evil fighting superheroes, while Ben was affected the most dramatically, having his skin turned into rock and obtaining super strength. Sorry, Hulk. Thing is just a little cooler :)



He's blind. He's red. He's got toxic waste in his blood, he's Daredevil, one of the absolute coolest superheroes in my opinion. know what? Go read the comics. I can't even explain the awesomeness of this guy.



He's big, he's small, he's everything in between, he's ANT-MAN! My number one (or number 5, I guess...) favorite hero of all time. Sorely underrated, Ant-Ma, a.k.a Hank Pym, is a scientist who invented "Pym Particles", which allow him to grow and shrink at will, once his body started creating them on it's own. Also taking positions as Giant Man, Goliath, and Yellowjacket, Mr. Pym has just been an amazing superhero to me, and I just can't explain why. He just is.


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