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I can't go any further into this article without potentially spoiling the finale of The Walking Dead for you. Therefore if you haven't clicked on this article with the express purpose of finding out who might be up for the chop on Sunday night, then I advise you to turn back now.

Spoilers Ahead.

Still here? I spotted this over at Io9 , who were smart enough to put two and two together and find that it yielded the delightful result of... favorite character murder.

It turns out that actor Norman Reedus who plays fan favorite Daryl Dixon on the show... is selling his home in Atlanta. It may not mean much at all, it may mean that the actor has decided to upgrade his digs while he settles in for the foreseeable future on the show. It could also mean that Reedus no longer needs to be in Atlanta because he's no longer on the show.

Here's where the news got started, The Atlanta Journal Constitution:

Curbed Atlanta, which is a great local real estate site, says Norman Reedus, who plays the insanely popular cross-bow using zombie killer Daryl Dixon on “The Walking Dead,” said he is selling his pad in Serenbe … Cable’s most popular show, which airs the season five finale this Sunday, is not returning for production for season six for a few more weeks. Based on the photos from this real estate site, he is already long gone.

It seems that the information is correct, but what it means for the show is still totally up for interpretation. Myself and a couple of colleagues are laboring under the assumption that when Negan arrives on the show, he will demonstrate his all encompassing evil by dealing the killing blow to Daryl -instead of who he kills in the comics.

If our theory holds true it means that Daryl is safe... for now. That is unless AMC plans to horrify its fans by having Daryl (and travel companion Aaron) run afoul of Negan who arrives just in time for a surprise murder right at the end of the 90 minute finale? Lets not forget the official synopsis for the episode:

Daryl finds himself in trouble while out on the run. Meanwhile, in Alexandria, Rick and his group continue to feel like outsiders as danger lurks near the gates.

Danger? Trouble?
I'll see you after the finale, this is going to be tense.

The Walking Dead 90 Minute Season 5 Finale airs this coming Sunday on AMC 9/8c


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