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Wii U owners have been very much excited to see what has been described as the first open world video game in the Legend of Zelda franchise (under the tentative title of Legend of Zelda for Wii U) since it was first previewed three years ago at the Nintendo E3 press conference. Die-hard Hyrulean heroes have been ecstatic at the fact that, after a long wait, we have finally reached 2015: the year we finally will be getting what producer Eiji Aonuma is calling the Zelda version of Skyrim.

However, today Aonuma has retracted his statement of guarantee that the game will be completed in 2016. The producer stated that, while there is no guarantee it won't be done this year, completing the game before next year is not the team's main focus, but rather making the game the best that it can be. Aonuma claims this statement comes from his realization at further in-game potential that could augment the player experience of the game.

While this is somewhat disappointing, we already have other Zelda titles including Majora's Mask 3D and Hyrule Warriors which have released in the past few months to tide us over until the game can be completed. Next year will certainly be the year of Zelda, with Nitflix adapting the game series into a live-action show. Should the series follow in the footsteps of Marvel's live-action Netflix series for Daredevil which hits in little more than a week, we could be seeing the Legend of Zelda series as early as next Fall, potentially around the time of the Wii U game release.


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