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My name is Cristhian I am not your typical comic book enthusiast, I actually loved superheroes and heroines for a long time but wasn't alway
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Superheroes are more than just your average good guy Anti heroes and heroines. In fact more of the better and morecommendations es are Anti heroes or for#31 and t#5 n't a main character in the Red Lanterns own, front he earlier days. In my opinion some of the heroes on my list should be followed more and also given more praise. I'm not saying that no one folLutherLem or that are all together dismissed I am sHellboy's ing that 3 of the top 5 and a couple honorable mentions are not given more credit than they deserve. I will start by counting down from 5 to 1 like watch MOJO also adding some honorable mentions before number 1 and hopefully with some recommendations for new reading material you may just go and pick up some great books. Starting off at #5 we have the human of the Red Lantern Core John Moore aka Rankorr. Now I know what your thinking and yes the Red Lanterns are in their own eyes doing the right thing, but it's Rankorr's conscience that makes him so great. He is often torn from being a human and being a destructive solider for Atrocitus or being manipulated By Bleez. Ultimately he does what he thinks is right and since he was the first red lantern to make constructs it's hard to argue with him even though he isn't the main character in the Red lantern series I believe his own comic showing him how to adjust to life on earth while fighting evil would be great. Reading recommendations for this is Red lantern #1-#5 and we'll the whole series so far. Next on #4 will be the big Red man from dark horse Hellboy. Now I am huge fan of the movies and am still hoping that a 3rd one will be granted to us but the comics and graphic novels are so amazing they so and illustrate Hellboy's struggle with life as a creature and not a human but also the struggles on why he protects earth. The movie does show that and should have gotten way more praise and admiration for what they accomplished. My reading recommendations for Hellboy are Next men #23 through #26 and Hellboy the 80's series also the newer ones that have recently been written have to say I subscribed to this comic I loved it that much. Following big red at #3 is the Red Hood. Yes that's right the Red hood Jason Todd known as the failed Robin but to be completely honest this guy is awesome dc version of the punisher but he's even more extreme willing to do what ever it takes to make things right at least what's right in his eye's. This guy is going to well in the future and honestly should have his own movie with the outlaws and the comic book series is after all named Red Hood and the Outlaws. Reading recommendations is of course Red hood and the outlaws all of them. Taking a close silver medal to first place is Namor the Sub-mariner. That's right one of Marvel's original characters created by Bill Everett for I believe funnies inc. Namor is a huge part of the Marvel universe and is very much under utilized. I mean the guy can fly swim and amazing speeds and has super strength. Any guy that can pretty much go toe to toe with the hulk is a beast in my opinion, he's been in all kinds of teams from the Avengers, Fantastic Four, Defenders and even the X-men.This guy needs wither a solo film or to be in Civil War, infinity wars or Fantastic Four he's just to amazing not to be on the big screen. Reading recommendations for him are Sub-Mariner #38 and any tales to astonish with him and the hulk in it. Honorable mentions are the Silver Surfer, Deathstroke, Superman, Hulk and the Flash. And time for the Number one Superhero on my list which is Batman. Yes that's right the Dark knight the Caped Crusader the man whose name you don't whisper and shadows protect. I know what you're thinking 2 of your guys don't have powers on your list. And that's right they don't but they still come out and lau their lives and bodies on the line to attempt to save their city, people and even the world. Batman is super easy to cheer for he lives to bring justice and inspire people to do good. He beat Superman and has out smarter Lex Luther in many occasions and thanks to him the space base for the Justice League is existing. I mean think about the All billionaires out their and none of them became Batman but Bruce Wayne did, he has been my favorite since I was a little boy and I don't see that changing anytime soon. As for his reading recommendations well pick up anything related to him and then tell me if your not hooked. We'll that's my list I know not everyone will agree but those as of right now are my top 5 hopefully I inspired some of you to pick up new reads.


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