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#5 Kingdok

Kingdok is the leader of the rat creatures in the novel Bone. As big and scary as he is, he is prone to superstition and is easily commanded by The Hooded One. At one point he gets in a fight with Roque Ja, who rips out Kingdok's tongue and keeps it as a trophy, causing him to no longer be able to speak.

Of all the villains in Bone, Kingdok comes off as one of the meanest. He is very quiet and sneaks up on the Bone gang quite a bit, and was even responsible for eating Thorn's parents. Kingdok told her this in detail to try and goad her into killing him.

#4 Black Manta

Hired to get a sample of Arthur Curry's (Aquaman) blood, Black Manta caused Arthur's dad to have a heart attack. In grief, Arthur blames Manta and hunts him down for revenge, accidentally killing Manta's father, creating a circle of vengeance.

This is another character that I was able to become more interested in due to The New 52. He definitely seems to be a great adversary for Aquaman and I love watching the two duke it out. I feel there is more to Manta's character, and we see this during the event of the lost Justice League, when he helps defeat The Crime Syndicate.

#3 Absorbing Man

Carl "Crusher" Creel was a boxer and jailed criminal who drinks a potion, which Loki had put a spell on, granting him the power to absorb the properties of anything he touches. At first he had no control over this and could be tricked into absorbing glass or paper, but eventually he gained full control and can hold multiple properties.

I read about Absorbing Man in Fear Itself, he gains a hammer and is taken over by Greithoth Breaker of Wills. After this comic I read more about him and am excited to see him join the MCU.

#2 Grodd

The evil ruler of Gorilla City, a secret city in Africa home to super-intelligent gorillas who believe they gain the power and intelligence of their foes by eating their brains. The Flash meats Grodd on many occasions.

I have seen this character in many cartoons growing up, but eventually have been reading about him more in The Flash's New 52 run. Gorillas are my favorite animal, so I always loved seeing him, plus it's cool seeing a slow ape defeat the speedster. Recently though, Grodd came into contact with the Speed Force himself and now has speed that matches Barry Allen's!

#1 Reverse Flash (Eobard Thawne)

Born in the 25th century and genetically engineered to be very intelligent, Eobard Thawne travels back in time to battle his most hated enemy, The Flash. Reverse Flash is unable to kill Barry though or else his own existence would be erased as well.

Without Eobard we would not have The Flash. Barry became a police forensics technician to solve the murder of his mother and exonerate his father, which Eobard framed when he killed Barry's mom. His character was great during Flashpoint and I for one am hoping he comes back during Convergence. It may be a different Eobard though, since the best version of Batman (Thomas Wayne from Flashpoint) killed him.

Thomas Wayne
Thomas Wayne

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