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Jorge Rojas-Plata

Ok so I've been on and off with reading comics for a while, and its not because I can't decide what to read. Its mainly just because of bills and such, so Ive been behind on a lot of my DC/ VERTIGO comics reading.

Ok so my top 5 favorite superheroes of all time are:

  • Batman
  • Batgirl
  • Robin
  • Green Arrow
  • Catwoman

So the reason I chose these 5 are quite simple...they don't have super powers! or at least aren't too over powered (The Flash). The reason I love them is because no matter what the situation is, they always find a way to save the day, even when facing someone that is clearly more powerful than they are. All they have is their skills and wits to help them win the battle or any situation, and on top of that they don't really have any real weakness aside from being human of course, but its also their greatest strength and advantage at times.

For example, they can't be weakened by a green rock, or the color yellow, and no matter what they always find a way to win the fight. Also what makes them so much more appealing is that fact they run the risk of getting seriously hurt or dying, so knowing that they have to work even harder to pull off the most amazing feats! I mean Batman had his back broken by Bane, and still managed to defy the odds and will himself to walk again.

Batgirl didn't let being shot and paralyzed by the Joker stop her from still fighting crime, and saving the day, Hell Green Arrow on the hit TV show Arrow was mortally wounded and left for dead, and yet he came back stronger than ever! And finally Catwoman had her heart ripped out (literally) and was brought back to life. Even with all this insane and shocking things that have happened to them they still pulled through, and with will alone they kept on fighting the good fight.

In the End you don't need to have god like powers to be the strongest there is, all you need is a strong will, undying determination, and to be a bit crazy to be a true hero, and to stand toe to toe with the greats!


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