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No Man's Land is arguably one of my favorite comics ever. I think that with the right actors, it could be a pretty epic film. So I decided to compile a list of the major characters and who I think should play them.

Let's start with the basics:

Jim Gordon: Gary Oldman

Gary Oldman as Commissioner Gordon
Gary Oldman as Commissioner Gordon

Gary Oldman proved in Nolan's Batman franchise that he has what it takes to play Commissioner Gordon. I think he would be quite capable of pulling off the Commissioner Gordon that appears in No Man's Land as well.

Batman/Bruce Wayne: Christian Bale

This one was a no-brainer. There's never been a better Batman. Need I say more?

Oracle: Emily Bett Rickards

After watching Rickards in Arrow and Flash, I was convinced that she could pull off a pretty epic incarnation of Oracle, which wouldn't be too out of character with her role as Arrow's Felicity Smoak.

Huntress: Jessica De Gouw

I figured that if Jessica De Gouw was good enough for the creators of Arrow, she was good enough for me. I haven't been following Arrow closely enough to see her in action, but if she's as beast as she looks in the above photo, I'm not gonna throw stones.

Two-Face: Aaron Eckhart

After Eckhart's performance in Dark Knight, I considered him perfect for Two Face, especially as he appears in No Man's Land. The scene where he flips his coin and tells a crime lord he's lucky then flips it again and says the driver is not as he shoots him in the back of the head also reminded me of the classic line, "Do you feel lucky? Well, do ya, punk?"

SWAT Lieutenant William Petit: Jeremy Renner

Jeremy Renner is a great actor. No arguments there. I think he'd be pretty close to perfect as a cold-blooded killer *cough cough mind-control by Loki* that is not afraid to put his own good ahead of others. Not to mention he looks like the type that would be seedy enough to be hired by the GCPD.

Poison Ivy: Emma Stone

If you can't call this perfect casting, what can you call it? Emma is certainly no stranger to superhero films and I think she'd make a great Poison Ivy.

Clayface: Arnold Schwarzenegger

"I'm back!"
"I'm back!"

Since Clayface was originally of German descent, I think a little CGI could make Arnold into an extremely effective Clayface. The Terminator series proves he's not one to be provoked, and Christian Bale better not get in his way unless he wants to end up in serious pain or worse.

Superman/Clark Kent: Henry Cavill

I shouldn't need to explain this one, but I thought Cavill's performance as the Man of Steel was one of the best I'd ever seen.

Robin (Tim Drake): Logan Williams

After watching this guy play young Barry Allen, I started thinking how good he'd be as Robin.

Jack Drake: John Wesley Shipp

Yeah, I realize that John Wesley Shipp is already playing the father of Barry Allen and Logan Williams plays young Barry Allen, but if you compare the two, Logan looks like he could conceivably be Shipp's kid, so I figured why reinvent the wheel?

David Cain: Liam Neeson

Anyone who has watched any of the Taken films knows that Liam Neeson has what it takes to play a ruthless assassin. I think he'd be absolutely perfect for the role of David Cain, one of DC's most feared assassins.

Cassandra Cain: Anne Hathaway

Yes, I know she just played Catwoman, but I think that was poor casting. Anne was clearly born to play Cassandra Cain.

Renee Montoya: Adrianne Palicki

As this photo shows, Adrianne Palicki is one girl that's not afraid of breaking her nails and getting her hands dirty. She is more than a match for any guy, as evidenced in Agents of SHIELD and the GI Joe films. I think she'd do an outstanding job as the straightlaced no-nonsense Renee Montoya.

Lucius Fox: Morgan Freeman

Morgan Freeman. 'Nuff said.

Bane: Robbie Amell

Arrow's cousin is built like a tank, a huge self-admitted Batman fan, and not about to take flak from anyone. I think that with a little clever computer alteration of his voice, he could make a seriously menacing Bane.

Lex Luthor: Bryan Cranston

For a while, rumors were circulating that this was actually going to happen in Batman VS Superman, but Jesse Eisenberg's casting put an end to those rumors. To the rumors yes, to the hopes of the fans? Not so much. I think that if done correctly, Cranston could make Lex seem like someone who is a much more serious threat than just having a keen mind with a fat wallet to match.

Joker: Mark Hamill

Say what you want about Batman the Animated Series, but Mark Hamill totally crushes it as the Joker. Heath Ledger had nothing on this guy. Hamill's voice portrayal of the Joker is so iconic that I would like to see him get a chance to play the character in live action as well.

Well, those are the major characters! Agree? Disagree? Comment below!


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