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My imagination is beyond my control!!!!

Last night I went to the theatre to watch the Insurgent.But by the time I reached there tickets were sold out. So I and my friends decided to watch an unknown horror movie DEMONIC. So when we saw the poster,we saw James Wan's (the conjuring,Saw,Insidious) name in it.So we thought we will go for it.Before going, we checked the reviews about the film, and we saw none except IMDb with a ratings 5.7.This movie was only released in Brazil and in the Middle East.I entered the theatre with no expectations.But after the movie I felt that this movie was good enough to recommend.

The film starts with Aberknacky(Thomas Francis Murphy) entering a house.then they show detective Mark Lewis(Frank Grillo) is contacted by Aberknacky for help.As Detective reached the house Abernicky tells that there is blood inside the house.As Detective proceed into the house he finds dead bodies of six people.After proceeding further he finds a shocked survivor John(Dustin Milligan).By the time police and other reinforcements reaches.John is taken to the custody and is questioned by the Detective.But John says he doesn't remember anything.So Detective calls his psychologist girlfriend Dr. Elizabeth Klein(Maria Bello) for help.As the film proceeds Dr.Elizabeth questions John and Finds out that people who got murdered along with John and his girlfriend Michelle(Cody Horn) came to this house to perform a séance and has waken many spirits.

So I am not writing the whole story because I don't want to spoil the suspense.This film managed to reduce Jump scares.Even thought the crew is trying to make the atmosphere intense and frightening they fail to deliver good dialogues and acting.But Maria Bello,Frank Grillo,Megan Park,Scott Mechlowicz has done a great job but Dustin Milligan,Cody Horn could not attract the audiences.The concept and story of DEMONIC was pretty cool But the screenplay is kinda weak.Will Canon's direction was good.All together the movie was good and watch able.It is a lot better than last year's James wan produced horror Annabelle.

Can't understand why this movie is not released in US.


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