ByPankhudi Jain, writer at

Yeah that's what i heard too!! The new spider man movie whose release is expected in 2017 will "involve spider-man fighting iron man". Are you as excited about this as I am?

According to the people from Latino- Review this fight will be a test as to whether Spider-man is strong enough to join Avengers or not! So basically an audition for our spidey to confirm his entry into the avengers if we are to believe the rumors.

Now something that I want to draw your attention to is the fact that how well are Marvel and DC using the age old fan rivalry among our favorite superheroes. Be it Batman Vs Superman in Dawn of Justice or Captain America against Iron man in the Civil War the movie makers are definitely capitalizing on the idea of showing fights between superheroes to attract more crowd.

We all know superheroes will ultimately defeat the villains (at least in most cases) and so they came up with the idea of let superheroes fight! Although there have been several comics in the past implementing ideas but now it will be movies!

Now I am excited about this but a bit skeptical as well on how will they manage to keep the fans supporting the two sides happy by the end ! Also what if it turns into a cliche after a few films! But none of this can be answered until we see the movies so their plan of attracting the crowd will definitely work!! :P


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