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Look, it's late, I've got nine reviews to get through and I'm generally tired. It seems more convenient to me to just post all of my reviews in one article instead of just nine separate posts. Most reviews will be one paragraph, it just seems simpler with some of them being unnecessary to go into detail.

Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. 2x14 - Love In The Time Of HYDRA

It's funny how HYDRA isn't even in this episode. Yay! Ward is back! This was a good episode. Ward goes on a mission to give Agent 33 closure on her identity, Coulson makes a choice on what to do with Skye and Hunter discovers the "real S.H.I.E.L.D." It's funny seeing Ming-Na Wen playing a different character, she really feels like a different person. It's nice to see Talbott back in quite an amusing sequence where he must find a mole that might be his wife. The other S.H.I.E.L.D. reveal wasn't too big of a payoff. I'd like to see Coulson developed more, he feels too distant from the team and is sort of turning into Fury. That's a problem when Clark Gregg isn't Samuel L "God damn" Jackson. All in all, good episode.

Archer 6x12 - The Drastic Voyage Part I

Boy was this a funny episode. The Operation scene in the briefing was hilarious, Archer is still that stupid douche that we absolutely love. Ray's black hand was a little weird but I'll get over it. Seeing Krieger rage at those doctors for not going to some "fancy medical school" was almost too good and that cliffhanger was very funny. A classic episode of Archer as always and I'm looking forward to Part II.

Arrow 1x17 - Suicidal Tendencies

I was a little surprised at the lack of reads last week considering how popular my Out Of Time Review was but let's face it, The Flash is way more interesting than Arrow. The Flash just feels more comfortable with being a superhero tv show and just gives off a "fresh" vibe that might soon wear down. I was a little disappointed by the shortage of Suicide Squad members, it was a little more like the Suicide Duo. I really liked Deadshot's backstory with his PTSD and finally getting some more stuff about H.I.V.E. and also Deadshot's death at the end of the episode was spectacular. At the start of the episode you hate the guy and then by the end you love the guy. Amanda Waller's still a B-word, no empathy for anyone, it's amazing how she gets anything done. I really want her to die, make it something brutal. Arrow vs. A.T.O.M. was a very short battle but I'm happy their friends now. This was an ok episode, nothing special really.

Better Call Saul 1x8 - Rico

Oh what a great episode! Seeing Jimmy kick some legal ass with that goatee guy, we're in for a treat next episode I feel. Loved when he wrote a demand on toilet paper. You can just appreciate how much this show is allowed to do. Jimmy in a dumpster, a little clichéd humour but still fine. Great Soylent Green reference, what a great call Jimmy made. It's good to see Chuck in action. Putting the shreds of paper together looked insane so hats off to Jimmy and Chuck for getting that done. It was a bit of a strange cliffhanger, it is a big deal but it was a bit over the top. Great episode of Better Call Saul as always!

Grimm 4x15 - Double Date

Very mature, have the half naked woman as your picture. Shh! It'll be just our little secret, ok? Good. This was a more entertaining subplot which overshadowed the mainplot in a good way because the mainplot was boring. Zauberbiest and Hexenbiest are different? Let's face it, this is just like pokemon. You should have the same abilities regardless of gender. Renard is bleeding in his sleep, that's really it. We get split identity with a wesen who can change genders, it was a cool twist so I'll give the show some credit. Compared to the rest of the season, this was a decent episode. Just don't get your hopes up.

Impractical Jokers 4x8 - Damned If You Do

Name me someone who reviews this show. This show is awesome! It's funny the way people react and how they react. They laugh, you laugh. We have fun. This episode has them return to clipping balloons on people, having this done at an ice rink is genius. Just the way they awkwardly hold the balloons behind their back or over the rail, makes me chuckle. The second half had some petition signing. I totally agree, the White House needs to be named the House. I'm still disappointed they're only doing two challenges per episode, that doesn't leave much in the way of losses. The punishment was amusing but not insanse like some of the others, I do like a bit of a poke at religion so not too bad.

iZombie 1x2 - Brother, Spare Me A Brain?

Wow! Amazing episode! Better than the pilot? Maybe, just maybe. Blaine is a cool addition, I am glad they brought him in early. I knew we couldn't trust him! Such a great character, you love to hate him. Going from dealing drugs to dealing brains. The actor does a great job with him. Poor Double Jeopardy. That was Ashley Judd, right? Hope I'm right. Don't want to look stupid. This was a very sexy episode that was full of sexy people with Liv not being able to handle all the sexiness, especially the "butter" skin. It's nice to see Liv absorbing the lives of the brains she eats and becoming more human through that by developing hobbies. It's a shame things didn't turn out well with Major at the end, that is to be expected though. Still not really into Babineaux being kept in the dark, this show manages to highlight the disadvantages of his ignorance. Such a great episode and I look forward to next week!

Scorpion 1x19 - Young Hearts Spark Fire

Scorpion is back after a weeks break, again. I feel the ratings would do so much better if they aired the episodes more consistently. This show is doing really well at building the romantic relationships, it has been slow but well executed. Toby and Happy is moving forward nicely and Walter and Paige is getting some of the spotlight to prepare us for the big pay-off which I assume is in the finale. Paige's feelings have been established but I feel it was this episode that really showed Walter's feelings, especially with that whiteboard Toby drew. Funny. Sylvester becomes a man and outsmarts the element of fire with titanium. He is titaaaaaaaaaaaaaaniuuuuum. For your sake, I will stop there. Good episode.

The Flash 1x16 - Rogue Time

IGN seemed to think this was a great episode, I thought it sucked monkey balls (picture Eric Cartman saying that part). After the jaw dropping episode last week, it wasn't much of pay-off. The time travel part was only shown off for about 10 minutes and then we get the aftermath through some awkward Iris stuff since after that big moment with them last episode, I'm kind of sick of the foreplay. Cisco and Dante worked well and it's nice to see Cisco outside of his geeky, witty side. Now, onto Golden Glider. What the f*ck? A gold gun? Really? REALLY?! Explain to me how a water pistol that Cisco built in a couple of hours in some random room can fire gold, because I certainly can't. It rhymes with cold, she's the Golden Glider and everyone else on the rogues fires something with a gun but that doesn't mean you should do something stupid like this! We're not talking about it anymore! It's dumb! That's it! The Rogues story was underwhelming, ending with Barry just letting him go without even a cool fight sequence like from Revenge Of The Rogues. I don't think we saw enough of Heatwave either. Harrison killing Mason was chilling and entertaining so something good came out of this episode. After getting hit by Eddie, Barry is greeted like they found out he has cancer, it was a little weird. Apparently Caitlyn said Barry had "lightning psychosis". Really? That's almost as dumb as a gold gun (just kidding, it's nowhere near as dumb as a f*cking gold gun). The next episode has Mark Hamill filling presents with bombs all over the city so I expect to have fun! Don't disappoint me again!

Well we did it. Nine reviews down, now we just have next week to deal with. Ooooooooooooooh boooooooooy. Tell me what you think. I am curious what you thought about this week's onslaught of episodes.


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