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After the booming success of "Skyfall" fans have been eagerly awaiting Bond's next adventure "Spectre" which sees 007 go up against the villainous corporation led by Oberhauser (Christoph Waltz). Take a look at the teaser:

I love the tone set by this trailer, it was sleek, mysterious and very dark. The music also fit perfectly, adding to the mystery.

It looks like Bond has a secret, something to do with his family that may have repercussions later on in the film. We then get some beautiful shots of Bond making his way to the snowy alps, which will most likely lead up to the action footage we saw in an early featurette.

"I always knew death would wear a familiar face" Thats the voice of the villain Mr White who featured in Daniel Craig's first Bond; "Casino Royale". Mr White seems to think that MI6 are still worried about him but Bond goes on to explain that its not MI6, instead its Spectre. It seems Bond is dabbling in affairs too big for him alone; "You're a kit, dancing in a hurricane Mr Bond."

We then get our first look at Christoph Waltz as the villain of the film. If anyone was born to play a Bond villain its Christoph Waltz, he's a perfect casting decision. "Welcome James" Oberhauser greets Bond as he enters the mysterious congregation, "It's been a long time, and finally, here we are".

"Spectre" is Daniel Craig's fourth Bond film and it might be the most anticipated out of all of them. For me Daniel Craig proved himself worthy with his first outing as the iconic character in "Casino Royale" which I still slightly prefer over "Skyfall", in my opinion he's the best Bond we've ever had.

Sam Mendes who did a great job on "Skyfall" has returned to the directors chair and is set to outdo his last effort, going bigger with the story and the action.

I was already excited for "SPECTRE" but this teaser has pushed the film close to the top of my most anticipated list, what about you guys? Do you love the trailer, or do you want to see a bit more before you get excited?

"Spectre" hits UK cinemas on October 23rd and US theaters on November 6th.


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