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UPDATE: Here's an entertaining chat between Superman himself, Henry Cavill, and a reporter at the Empire Awards. If you had any doubts that Batman and Superman wouldn't be BFFs by the time Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice ends - consider those doubts squashed!

In the final minute of the video our intrepid reporter tries his mightiest to get a Batman vs Superman scoop and the bearded Henry Cavill gives what looks to be a thoughtful and honest response about a friendly moment between the two embattled superheroes. Have a watch - the original article about how the showdown starts follows...

One of the biggest questions surrounding Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice is what, exactly, leads to the big fight between these two caped crusaders. The more information that comes out, the more it sounds like Frank Miller's The Dark Knight Returns is playing a very small part in the inspiration for this clash of the DC titans.

We know Ben Affleck's Bruce Wayne is indeed an older version of the character - but not quite the semi-retired version we see in "The Dark Knight Rises". Alfred is still alive and doing well in the form of Jeremy Irons and this Bruce Wayne isn't even close to hanging up his mask and cowl.

Ben Affleck's Batman isn't retired yet.
Ben Affleck's Batman isn't retired yet.

And as Batman vs Superman is being intended as a direct follow-up to the events of Man of Steel, Henry Cavill's Superman isn't quite in the position of being the beloved hero and agent of peace that the government entrusts to do their bidding in Frank Miller's book. In fact, it would seem that due to what occurred in Man of Steel, the government is very concerned and suspicious about the power that this Superman is capable of unleashing.

Batman vs Superman: Round One

With the big Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice movie almost exactly one year away, Badass Digest has posted a very tantalizing spoiler about how this movie is planning on setting the stage for the titular battle royal. And it looks like this fight is being sponsored by none other than Lex Luthor himself.

Lex Luthor to be the mastermind of the showdown.
Lex Luthor to be the mastermind of the showdown.

I've speculated about what exactly leads to this showdown before, and it looks like I wasn't too far off in some areas. There is a definite sense that Superman will be looking to try and convince the people of Metropolis, and the people of the world, that he is a force of good and not something that should be feared and this is likely to play a part in how he gets manipulated into throwing down with Batman.

The Big Event is Sponsored by LexCorp

But according to some insider knowledge, the new rumor d'jour is that Superman may enter into this fight with Batman at the behest of Jesse Eisenberg's Lex Luthor. It's a very interesting proposition and it does make sense given the bits of info that we know about Lex Luthor going into Batman vs Superman.

Lex Luthor, leading the rebuilding process in BvS.
Lex Luthor, leading the rebuilding process in BvS.

From what we've heard and seen this is a enigmatic Lex Luthor that has struck a very philanthropic role with the people of Metropolis following the destruction that occurred in Man of Steel. This Lex Luthor, and his powerful LexCorp business, is leading the charge in rebuilding the city and rallying the citizens to be positive about the future. But we also know he has a bit of an anti-Superman agenda that he might also be spreading to the people.

Is Lex Luthor Fixing the Fight?

Since Lex Luthor is the one sending Superman to Gotham to take out Batman, it would make a lot of sense that Lex Luthor may also be helping Batman get the upper hand in this fight. Perhaps even supplying Batman with a little krytonite in order to take out Superman altogether? It would certainly add up that if Lex Luthor is the one to send Superman into a fight, he would actually be doing whatever he can to make sure Superman is the one to lose the fight.

We of course know that Batman and Superman eventually strike up an allegiance that leads to the formation of the Justice League at the end of [Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice](movie:711870), so it is also quite likely that this plan of Lex Luthor's backfires and is probably what causes these two to realize that he is actually quite the bad guy in this picture.

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