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This is not another review of the recently released "Spectre" teaser, instead this is a closer look at a couple of things you might not have picked up on in the short teaser for the 24th Bond film.

First off we get a shot of the MI6 headquarters that Raul Silva (Javier Bardem) blew up in "Skyfall", this sort of reaffirms the speculation that "Spectre" takes place only a short while after the events of "Skyfall". It's said in the synopsis for the film that 'M' now played by Ralph Fiennes is struggling to keep the organisation together.

Like "Skyfall", "Spectre" looks to delve into Bond's past, Miss Moneypenny hands him a box of belongings from the Bond residence; Skyfall, that we saw in the last film. Bond takes out a photograph of him as a child with an older man (presumably his father/guardian) and the man is also with another boy whose face has been burned out. There is a lot of speculation that this boy is Franz Oberhauser played by Christoph Waltz, making this perhaps the most personal villain Bond has ever faced. You can see that the two have a past when Oberhauser greets James towards the end of the trailer; "Welcome James, its been a long time, and finally, here we are." that dialogue certainly implies the two have a past together. In "Skyfall" we find out that Bond's parents died, and he went to live with another family, perhaps the Oberhauser family?

It's rumored that Oberhauser is actually Ernest Blofeld, one of the most classic Bond villains. Blofeld is the head of the villainous organisation "Spectre" which of course is going to play a big part in this film.

It's possible that 'Spectre' have ties to another organisation; 'Quantum', which featured in "Casino Royale" and "Quantum Of Solace", it's possible because the trailer features Mr White, a member of Quantum, who seems to have some knowledge of "Spectre".

So there's a couple of things you may have missed from the short teaser, what do you guys think? Are these rumors true, or are we completely off? Let me know in the comments!


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