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I feel the desire to comment on the "Norman Reedus is selling his Georgia home" hooplah.

1. I'm almost certain I've heard Norman say he RENTS that house.

2. If he owns it, he should sell it if everyone and their brother knows where it is. He deserves some privacy when he's in Georgia. (I think he deserves it all the time, but I'm trying to stay focused).

3. Selling a house does NOT mean Daryl Dixon will be killed in tomorrow's season finale. If anything, it likely means the opposite.

Let me explain point three. First, Norman is too smart to do anything NOW that would indicate anything to do with his TWD character dying. He would never jeopardize the nondisclosure agreement the show has. He's a professional. Second, now is the perfect time to put the house on the market (and cash in on all this free publicity for the show AND the house) to free up cash to purchase a house in the next few months so that when he returns to Georgia in May, he's ready to settle in.

My prediction for tomorrow's finale is that Daryl Dixon will survive. Likely not unscathed, but he will live. If I'm wrong, so be it.

Yes, I've written about the fact that Daryl will likely have to die at some point, but based on the story lines as they currently stand, I do not see a clear story-line progression reason for his death. I honestly feel Daryl will make it through to season six, but likely not much farther than that. As other writers have pointed out, Rick has a Daryl problem when it comes to second in command as the stories progress. In order to make room for character development for other characters, Daryl must be removed at some point. I simply don't believe that point will be during tomorrow's finale.


Do you think Daryl Dixon will survive the Season Five Finale?


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