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Robyn Hollins

Now I am a super fan of the X-men film series but there was a few floors in X-men: Day's of future Past. The first thing is despite it being awesome he is alive but...Please explain in the movie how come Professor X is still alive?

Also if Days of future was based in 1973 and Wolverine Origins takes place in 1986 Then Charles Xavier goes from long haired alright looking to bold wrinkly dude in a wheelchair? He has got to use some anti-wrinkle cream or something!

Professor in Days of Future past 1973
Professor in Days of Future past 1973
Professor in Wolverine Origins 1986
Professor in Wolverine Origins 1986

For X-men: Apocalypse Wolverine will just have those kind of crappy bone things! NOOOOOOOO!

Also why leave Quicksilver in Washington he just saved all of your lives and he is probably going to solve a lot of problems for you on the way to stop Mystic but you just leave him there? What the hell take him with you dumb-asses his KICKASS!

And Mystic if 3 different people, your best friend, a guy who can read minds and your only family and a creepy guy from the future are all telling you the same thing? YOU SHOULD LISTEN TO THEM!

But none of these mistakes or rubbish plots matter because this scene was THE BEST DAMN THING IN THE UNIVERSE!!!!!!!!


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