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1) Alvvays

an awesome little indie band from Canada I had the pleasure of seeing live at the Echo last year, in LA. If you get the chance listen to their debut self titled album, available on iTunes

2) The Growlers

These guy have constantly put out great music, and there isn't a bad album that I can think of, all their music is top notch. Listen to their newest album Chinese Fountain available on iTunes

3) Mac Demarco

If you like laid back, and sort of a retro feel to your music, then Mac is your go to guy. His music videos are really odd, but delightful to look at. Listen to the album 2, available on iTunes

4) TV on The Radio

Ill keep it simple, these are just awesome, with an amazing new album called Seeds available on iTunes

P.S. the gorgeous ginger Karen Gillan, and the always Hilarious Paul Reuben are in this video...your welcome

5) Best Coast

Beach Pop music at its best! All their music is just great to blast in the car while driving through LA. they an awesome LO-FI album called Make You Mine, with a cover song of the Beach Boys called "In My Room" available on iTunes

6) Ski Lodge

A great little indie band, with some awesome tracks that never get old. Listen to this song on their self titled ep, and pick up the debut album Big Heart available on iTunes

7) Metronomy

If your as nostalgic as I am about 80s music, then this is the band for you. A lot of their songs almost sound like they were recorded during the hay day of the 80s. Anyways just go pick up their seconded album The English Riviera available on iTunes.

8) St. Vincent

And finally I saved the best for last. The incredibly talented Annie Clark of the band St. Vincent, who is a wizard possessed with a guitar, she's just amazing! check out her latest album self titled deluxe album, available on iTunes

I hope you guys enjoyed my list, and hopefully some of these bands will become a new favorite of yours, cheers!


Which band did you enjoy the most?


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