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Am I the only one who thinks comedies have got gradually worse over the last 20 years? After recently watching Bad Neighbours and the new Will Farrell film Get Hard , I've been put me off watching comedies altogether. This new breed of comedy films are badly scripted and the humour is completely reliant upon completely contrived and extremely unlikely scenarios; everything has to be taken to the extreme just to produce a reaction. I want to go back to the 80's style, with a well-scripted, subtle, and altogether more effective style of comedy - the films of the late John Hughes are a perfect example.

Sadly, he survived..
Sadly, he survived..

The comedies of the 70's and 80's are far superior to the comedies of today. This gradual shift to over-the-top, brainless and "as extreme as you can get" comedies has ruined the genre. I also think that it casts a poor reflection on society as a whole when the only thing that makes us laugh has to involve toilet humour, sexual/racist jokes and things that are just degrading and disgusting.

My favourite comedies ever are mostly from the 80's; there are the odd few from the 90's - There's Something About Mary being one of my favourites. I just don't get the humour in these modern films. I suppose the greatest example of this new brand of "shock humour" is Freddy Got Fingered (a horrendous and disgusting film starring the annoying Canadian comedian Tom Green.)

I may stop watching comedies altogether unless something changes. I hope we will see such classics as we saw in the 80's again, but the way things are going there could be quite a few more

Freddy Got Fingereds

'in the pipeline.


Which comedy era do you prefer?


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