ByTighe Coykendall, writer at
Tighe Coykendall

The Walking Dead. What about it is so appealing to everyone? Well, from what I've seen, it's exciting action, annoying characters, and the shouting of "CARL." So, as you can see, I have mixed opinions on it. The overall story is good, but nothing very new. As mentioned before, the characters (or most of them, at least) come down to either annoying, unlikable, or pointless. SOME aren't, such as Michonne, Rick, The Governor and Daryl, but they are CLEARLY outranked here. The writing is solid, if a bit generic, but the action is very well done. The world itself is really very uninteresting, especially when it comes to the "variety" of environments. The color palette is usually pretty dull colors, but this helps the mood of hopelessness and fear of the unknown. Yet, despite all this negativity, the show is very inviting, an you continue on throughout the seasons full-heartedly. In conclusion, despite some good characters, and great action, this show ends up being simply average.


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