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The movie that we all geeks and Marvel (and some DC fanatics as well) fanatics are waiting for has revealed an awesome new information and a mindblowing still, in the heat of excitement!

In March 27th, Ryan Reynolds revealed another awesome still of the Deadpool movie, which kinda, more or less, a photoshoot more than a picture of the movie!

And now prepare for... well, somewhat, awesomeness!

1. The Most Awaited Still!

Finally, Ryan Reynolds has proved, by one image, that he might be able to prove his worthiness and finally create his yet, greatest superhero project

I don`t know the thoughts of people but even if this is trivial, and even if this movie has a lot of possibilities to go wrong, this picture just made me realize that I will literally waste a thousand bucks on glancing at this movie for at least five minutes when it will be released! (Although, do you like the costume? I do, but where is the warzone type of thingy? Nonetheless, they surely intended to create a costume like this, as if Deadpool is cosplaying himself.)

Extra Information: This is the inspiration for the photoshoot apparently, NOT Titanic. (The Cosmopolitian Man.)

2. Another Still!

I see some morality approaching at the end of the PG-13movie that was if permitted, would be full of gore, profanity and sexuality as like the comics! Anyways, cool souvenir, of yours, @VancityReynolds!

3. An Information that some might have missed!

This information was in fact, delivered quiet a few days ago, but some have obviously missed what is also in store for 2016`s Deadpool!

Brazillian American Actress, Morena Baccarin, who is most notable for playing a supporting role in Homeland, playing a titular role in the longlasting series, Firefly and also having one of the titular in the television series, V, will be playing as one of the titular characters in the upcoming movie! Here is a picture, of her, just in case, you guys didn`t want to open another tab to see a picture of her in Google or whatsoever search engines you use:

Don`t.... look... at...  ME?! You want me?! Sure!
Don`t.... look... at... ME?! You want me?! Sure!

I have no reply, whatsoever. I should better call Tony Stark at this moment. Gulp.


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Do you think Deadpool will be worth your time?!

Spider-Man is better than Deadpool. This will spoil the mind of Deadpool fans (spoilers?! pun intended. Although not ruining the movies).......


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