ByTighe Coykendall, writer at
Tighe Coykendall

The Iceman is about an assassin. A contract killer. A hitman. Whatever you call him, he is still a murderer. This movie is a very interesting example of how to do a biopic RIGHT. Mostly, anyways. The main character is very interesting, and very well written. He also looks cool, which is always good, and is played by the awesomely awesome Michael Shannon. The other characters are alright, yet forgettable. I actually FORGOT Ray Liotta's character was in it at all. But then again, all he was was a launchpad. One that sent our main man into a life of crime, while hiding it from his family. The only two drawbacks I can see from this movie are it's length, and it's lack of other good characters. It's way too short to show enough, and the only other notable character is Chris Evans, who is too weak of a performance to be noteworthy. So, overall, despite being visually appealing, having a good story, and a likable main character, it doesn't reach it's full potential due to it's length, and that's probably why, 10 years from now, I will be one of the few who remember it...


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