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Kirby is a game series I rather like that presents a interesting contrast to other Nintendo series's like Legend of Zelda and Star Fox. In fact, while those two both have other games that are very similar to them, Kirby is truly unique, in that nothing, not even Mario, has come close to creating the kind of world the pink puffball lives in. Though, there are obvious flaws or unanswered questions such as "Where are we?", "What is the history of this strange place?" "What is Kirby"? and a few others. And I present to you, this answer, What if that's the point? What if there is no past, no true continuity, no clear rules or laws of this world. Why? Because it's all just a dream!!!!! Now before you start ranting and raving at me, stop and think.... Each stage in Kirby is bright and happy. Sunny beaches, winter wonderlands, peaceful grasslands, giant beanstalks, and those are only a taste of what Dream Land has to offer. By the way, notice that name, "Dream Land." Sure, it could just be a catchy name, but when you compare it to the areas you explore it starts to make sense. But we can go farther. You see, at first, I struggled to find out the meaning of the name Pop Star and why it was called that in the first place. Then it hit me, there is this old saying, when you wish upon a star.

What do children usually wish for and what do their parents usually tell them, that when you wish upon a star, your dreams come true!!!! Thanks, Disney, for coinng that for us, with a catchy tune. So, yeah, this is suitable evidence to conclude that Kirby is all just a dream. But to get to the true heart of the matter, we have to go deeper!!! Look at the final bosses of the Kirby games, sure a few of them fit with the mood and art style of the game, but I do not mean them. I mean ones like 02, Dark Matter, Kracko and Nightmare. Unlike the rest of the game, they seem to be horrifying, scary, monstrous, frightening and threatining. Take 02 for example, it cries blood, looks pretty grotesque and the backdrop for the boss battle is pretty darn bleak and moody. Wait, wait a second, cries blood, no way this belongs in a kids game, especially one like Kirby. 02 looks like came straight out of a scary story or nightmare!!! The next one is pretty darn obvious, so we will not spend that much time on it. Nightmare wants to drown the world in eternal darkness and, if the anime is correct, leads a bloodthirsty army of monsters that want to do nothing but kill, including, for some reason, a GIANT POWERFUL ROBOT WITH A FULL ARSENAL OF WEAPONRY DESIGNED TO KILL KIRBY!!! Yeah, wasn't expecting that one, were you??? Then there is Dark Matter, a species of weird blobby black clouds with giant eyeballs that cause all sorts of mischef and destruction on Pop Star, from stealing bridges that connect landmasses to trying to plunge the world into eternal darkness. The worst part is, it never dies, just changes form and while it is not quite out of place as all the other examples so far, it is still pretty darn creepy for a kids game, especially since it is most likely part of 02. Then there is Kracko, a sentient giant thundercloud who's only job is to kill Kirby, always relentlessly chasing him and hunting him down no matter the cost. And yes, he has a creepy eyeball and no mouth. So we got things that most-of the time seem out of place, want to plunge the world into eternal darkness, kill a innocent creature and are extremely inappropriate. Just try and prove me wrong!!! These things are all manifestations of nightmares!!!

So who is Kirby? Well, he has the mind of a little kid, the appetite of a little kid, the personality and the speech of one. So it's safe to assume that "Kirby" is a sort of avatar for the kid dreaming, allowing him to explore the world of imagination. Every new copy ability is the result of him seeing a enemy do something and thinking "I wanna do that too!" Meta Knight, is the kids mentor, guiding him through this place every time, telling him what to do, giving him advice and generally helping him in any way he can, though their first fight was the result of the kid refusing to listen to his superior and lashing out at him. So then, who's Dedede? Simple, Dedede is not the lazy father or bully like you would expect. he is the rival. He is constantly trying to do a better job then Kirby at protecting Dream Land and caring for it, though fights him for attention at times. He claims to be superior in position, but that statement often falls flat. Though he may seem to be the manifestation of a bully or bad parent, the fact that he has reluctently helped Kirby on some occasions, means that, clearly he is the rival. Dream Land and Pop Star in general is just a amalgamation of good dreams. with Kirby struggling with creatures like Nightmare representing the kid's struggle to ward off and conquer bad dreams, and/or, in the case of Dark Matter, his fear of the dark, with his rival and mentor guiding him along the way.. I just ruined your childhood, thanks for reading!!!!


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