ByTighe Coykendall, writer at
Tighe Coykendall

Dredd 3D (or just Dredd) is much more faithful to it's source material than the original was, and suffers much less because of it. The story of this movie is much more than I expected it to be, and if this wasn't immediately obvious, THIS IS A VERY DARK MOVIE. One filled with blood, guns, and lots and lots of murder. That's why the Judges are here. Namely, Judge Dredd. The villain of the movie, Mama is very threatening, and poses a great threat. At Dredd's side is a telekinetic Judge-in-training who acts as the audience in a way, grimacing at the gore, panicking when in danger, etc. If this movie was simply story, and had very average effects, it would never reach a 6. The atmosphere of the movie is bleak, dark, grim, and everything bad mixed in. But it has a certain beauty to how gray, and sterile the world looks. You'd have to see it for yourself to understand. The ending is very obvious to fans of the comics, but not so much to the commom movie-goer. The action of the movie is brilliantly shot, and looks fantastic. So, in conclusion, this movie does everything right, never missing a beat, and I cannot wait for a sequel.


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