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Teen musical drama may have been very ordinary movie. Especially, with the appearance of TV series, Glee. For pitch perfect, this is a special case because there would be no melancholic story like in glee. This movie actually is pretty different from the others

Synopsis: Becca (Anna Kendrick), a new student who wants to be a DJ. One day, she was 'discovered' by Chloe (Brittany Snow) when taking a bath and pursues her to audition into acapella group for women, Bellas. That group was almost broke and has odd members. Furthermore, how Beca and Bellas members fought to win the annual championship.

The synopsis is shallow. But believe me, this is a super funny teen movie and will make us not stop laughing. Dialogue between the actors becomes the focus of this film, although there were still slapstick acts which were done by Rebel Wilson who starred as Fat Amy. The film is probably one of the film with a very funny quotes and relevant to daily-life like mean girls. Like mean girls, this film also makes a unique new catchphrase like 'horizontal running', 'aca-excuse me', etc.

Overall the acting of the actors is very good. The members of Bellas can show the weirdness of each other. They seem have very strong bonds of friendship. Anna Kendrick’s and Brittany Snow’s acting is very prominent in this film. Their chemistry as a very good friend is very strong. Rebel Wilson who became Fat Amy can make the audience laugh with unexpected dialogue and behavior.

The songs in this movie are pop songs in general, and arranged in acapella version. The songs were also remixed with another song.. For this film, Anna Kendrick sang a song titled Cups, acoustic only by using a glass.

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