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We all know Gif's as just funny little clips, but there are some weird ones.

This is from Little Baby's Ice Cream... commercial? The video is funny but creepy as frick. Link:

This is actually from American Horror Story: Freak Show. I'm a big fan of AHS and this just for the logo! I recommend you watch AHS just because it is just that amazing.

This just sums up what tripping on acid would look like. This is from an actual episode of The Wiggles, a show I used to watch all the time when I was all the time when I was little.

We all know the "You don't say" meme and who doesn't love a little Nic Cage Memes' in their life!?

...I have no words...

Lastly (one of my favorites!)

Cyriak: Kitty City
Cyriak: Kitty City

I love cats and I love weird things so, yeah, this makes me have faith in humanity.

Thanks for reading! This is actually my first blog, but this helps with my Journalism career.


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