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With all the bickering about all the upcoming movies both by DC and Marvel, people have used this to continue and stupid battle of which is the better of the two.

These two mega companies have some of the best superhero's, villains, stories, arks, imagery and so on so forth. So that being the case and people being people, sides are taken and then the arguments start. Bickering ensues and nothing of significance comes out of the "Debates" that people have either with their friends, family or fight with people over the internet like everyone else.

And so far from what I have seen is people are only choosing sides because of the movies. To the people who aren't into the whole comic book thing or any animated series or movies, they are more inclined to say that marvel is better, well that's the way I see it at least.

That being said, I'm not saying that it's wrong, I'm just saying that, that is what I have deducted from the countless people on the internet discussing the whole DC and Marvel debate. People just like to talk shit and to feel as if they are smarter or better that the person that are arguing with.

Now I say this as a someone looking at all of the shit people are fighting about and thinking, we have so many comic book films coming out over the next 5 years, maybe ever more. I am so exited that this is happening, I love superheroes and good stories, I don't care what company they came from, as long as it's good I am happy. I am exited to see all these movies.

For me I am really hyped for Batman V. Superman because I loved the comics and animated movies involving this story line. I can't wait to see Civil War, Suicide Squad is going to be bad ass, Gambit I am hoping is going to be really good, I think Doctor Strange will be interesting, you have so many like Avengers Age of Ultron, X-Men Apocalypse, Guardians of the galaxy, Wonder Woman I hope will do good, one I am most looking forward to the Justice League, Black Panther, Aquaman I can't wait to see, The Flash, Captain Marvel, Shazam is going to be fun, Inhumans, Cyborg.

So many movies that are coming out that I never thought would ever happen. I am just so happy that it is happening and that we are lucky enough to see it. People can complain all they want I just think it's stupid, my advice watch the movies when they come out and judge them on the quality of the movie and not the company that made them.


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