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HELLO Fellow Flash-erers. Yes, i just made that word up. If you can't tell, this is my first blogpost. This question has been surfacing many people's minds. WHO IS EDDIE THAWNE?

Remember the PaleyFest trailer?
Yeah. That pretty much says alot. In that trailer, we see Eddie mercilessly killing 2 policemen. And whats up with his hair? Spikey is a big no-no. This clearly proves Eddie to have a twist of character in the upcoming episodes. But who could he possibly be?

It was the Every Man,who took the shape and form of Eddie,to kill those 2 cops. Eddie Thawne was innocent.


Cobalt Blue,Malcolm Thawne.
Cobalt Blue,Malcolm Thawne.

Surprisingly,not many people thought of this. But just think about it;

  • Harison Wells (Eobard Thawne) said he is related to Eddie
  • Eddie is a THAWNE
  • Cobalt Blue's name is Malcome THAWNE
  • He's supposed to be Barry's twin brother. I mean, cmon, they DO look a little bit alike!
  • Perhaps the CW HAVE made Eddie, Cobalt Blue, but have disguised his name as Eddie, just like they did with Harrison Wells
  • Malcolm has a pure hatred for Barry, and we can start to see Eddie building up a discomfort/disliking towards Barry, no matter how much he tries to hide it

Hunter Zolomon(Zoom)

It IS possible that Eddie could also be the other Reverse Flash, Hunter Zolomon AKA Zoom. Although he is associated with Wally West in the comics, they could have switched it up. I mean, Linda Park is originally with Wally in the comics, but they paired her with Barry. So this is a possibility.

Plus, in the latest episode 1x16, When the Reverse Flash was attacking Mason, he kept reffering to ;

" What do you know about HARRISON WELLS" Why would he assosiate himself in the 3rd person? Unless Eddie is the 2nd one, it doesnt make sense.

In the latest episodes of The Flash, episode 19 and 20,where Eddie is kidnapped by Eobard Thawne,Eobard mentions that they are both most definitely related,but that,in the present time (2014),he hasn't been born yet.

So,what could this mean, is Eddie his son? His dad? A descendant?



Cobalt Blue or Zoom?


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