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Hey everyone, so Age of ultron is coming out in just a few months, and I have a theory about the first Avengers movie. So I am sure most of you have read the official origins' of some of the characters in Age of Ultron, but if you haven't seen Ultron's, here it is.

Just in case you can't make it out, I want to point out what the first two lines of the paragraph say. "First discovered as a simple computer program hidden among the ruins of the CHITAURI invasion of New York City, the being known as Ultron SOON COMPLETED IT'S DEVELOPMENT after some experimentation of Tony Stark

So this my theory .

So cool.
So cool.

So it says Ultron was found among the ruins of the Chitauri in New York. So my theory is that Ultron was created by the Chitauri as their artifical intelligence program to control their army. Well, after Tony blew up their mothership in the first Avengers with the nuke, the whole army shut down. Why you ask ? Because Ultron was partially destroyed and since there was nothing to control the army, the Chitauri lost. But Ultron survived the destruction and Tony found it. After he found it, Stark probably thought about rebuilding the program to help the Avengers. In the trailers, Tony even says, " I tried to create a suit of armor around the world, but I created something terrible ". Ultron became the menacing robot he is because Tony helped him accidentally to complete his intelligence!

Not anymore, thanks Tony.
Not anymore, thanks Tony.

So, do you think Ultron just was some ordinary computer program Iron Man found, or do you think my idea could be true. Please comment below on what you thought. Long live Marvel. May 1st baby!!!


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