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Super heroes. Modern day Knight-errants out to right the wrongs that plague the people or cities they call theirs. Larger than life characters we look up to as beacons of right (Superman, Batman, Captain America ETC.) and yet the best ones we come across are ones we can also relate to (Spider-man, Invincible and Nightwing.)

Everyone has their favorites and I am no exception. My name is Cody Medrano; just a guy who enjoys a good book, regular or funny. This is actually my inaugural article here on MoviePilot and given the week I don't think it could've come at a better time.

today I'll be showing you my five favorite heroes and giving my reasons behind it. Of course this being a list I feel a disclaimer is needed: These five are just my favorite heroes, this by no means is a way of saying, "THESE ARE THE BEST HEROES EVARR!"

...God that felt overdone. But with that out of the way how about we start the list?

Number 5: Shuto Katsuragi RATMAN by: Sekihiko Inu.

Volume 1 cover for Ratman available on comixology.
Volume 1 cover for Ratman available on comixology.

Ratman is the story of Shuto Katsuragi, a high schooler from Japan whose only dream since being saved by the popular hero Shiningman to become one among those ranks. In Shuto's world super heroes are everywhere so much so that it's become a boom and prevalent enough to have super heroes as corporate faces of companies and even their own association.

Shuto believes in these heroes and what they stand for. He lives and breathes that stuff daily and spouts his dream only thing is: He's short and a preschooler shows more strength than him. This all changes of course after "saving" one of his classmates he gets the power of the append gear and becomes Ratman! Loyal dark general for the evil organization known as Jackal...wait...what?!

That's right, despite "saving" his friend and classmate it is revealed to be a ruse and he had been chosen to become general for the evil organization. Why? Because he's short. Yes, the dark general of the evil organization was chosen because he's short and not imposing in any way shape or form.

Naturally Shuto is crushed, this is the opposite of his own dreams and can't believe this is happening to him. He believes he could never be a hero now but after several missions some heroes shake his beliefs in what a hero is.

But with words of encouragement and the help of people who gravitate toward him for some reason his resolve is set and his faith in heroes is reassured each time he meets another one who does what they do just to make people's lives better.

That's actually what draws myself to this character. Despite being disillusioned by each meeting with heroes in it only for the money (Yeah they go that route with the first rival...) he takes this as the chance for him to prove that being short and working for an "evil" organization doesn't mean you can't be a hero and help others.

Number 4: Peter Parker The Amazing Spider-Man

Now this is a hero we all know and I'm willing to guess almost all love. This is a hero that so many feel some kind of resonance with and you can't say the term, "With Great Power comes Great Responsibility" without thinking of this red and blue spandex clad jokester.


Yikes, sorry guys, Not spandex.

Spider-man is so loved because he represents the everyman thrust into harrowing odds. By all rights Spidey is just a street level hero who takes care of dealers and muggers but almost always finds himself saving the world in almost every adventure he gets himself into. Heck, in the recent Spider-Verse event he joins a literal army of Spider-men and Spider-women to save themselves from a group of inter dimensional hunters called the Inheritors who feed on the spider-totems of different universes.

If you think I'm a little light with my description of Spidey, it's because there are so many people who have said way too much about the guy already and more than likely some people writing their own lists. Go give them a look and come back for the rest of mine. I can wait.

Right, now that you're back lets go on to...

Number 3: Tim Drake Red Robin

Tim Drake, probably one of the most loved of any of the Robins. While some of the other Robins at the time were chosen because they mirrored Bruce or picked up to prevent them from becoming just another of Gotham's statistics, Tim was the first Robin to actively seek out the role of Robin.

We all know the story; Tim as a young child was at Haley's Circus the night Dick Grayson's parents died and Batman appeared to console the young acrobat. The years gone by and Tim becomes enamored with Batman and Robin. following their exploits and studying them to the point where Tim can recognize a move that only a Grayson could pull off. After the unfortunate events of Death in the Family where Jason Todd was killed by the Joker. Batman had become darker, prone to more rage filled actions. Tim had noticed this and sought out Dick Grayson; then Nightwing, into seeking out and become Robin again to bring the light back to Batman.

Nightwing at this time was of course done being Robin and leading the Teen Titans and making his way as a solo hero (I believe at the time he had left the Titans for a period of time, I'd have to read back.) Dick declined but took Tim back to Gotham with him, he went on to help Bruce in a mission against Two Face and with help from Alfred donned the garb of Robin and became a key component in stopping Two Face and saving Batman in the process.

From that point Bruce took Tim in as his ward as the third Robin and as Robin had many adventures that actually launched him to get his own series. a series that had him travel the world, train with Lady Shiva the deadliest woman alive and even had a relationship with then hero Stephanie Brown/Spoiler whom would go on and herself become the fourth Robin.

Now of course we move on to 2006 and the events of Final Crisis and then this happens...

Yeah we may touch on this at a later time...

Anyway while the world becomes convinced that the Batman is gone; leading to the Battle for the Cowl mini series where Dick Grayson became Batman, one person sticks with the fact that Bruce Wayne isn't dead. And that person is Tim Grayson.

Tim becomes so convinced that Bruce is alive that people worry about him becoming obsessed. He knows he won't get any help with this case so he decides that his time as Robin is over (Especially since Damian had taken over and became Dick's Robin actually flipping the dynamic that Batman and robin had set before.)

He decides that since he will have no help and will no doubt be putting himself on the wrong side of many people both heroes and villains that he can't have it go back to Gotham so he instead takes the role of Red Robin; a moniker once used by Jason Todd in the Countdown to Infinite Crisis event and a reference to Kingdom come, this is the name of a Robin who lives in the grey area between black and white and will do what it takes to save everyone and prove he's right. Even if it means that he'll have to side with the one and only Demon's Head; Ra's Al Ghul.

The series took so many great stories dealing with the search for Bruce, finding proof he's alive, fighting a group of killers seeking out the League of Assassin's as sport, coming back and dealing with how the world has changed after so many earth shattering events like Superman renouncing his American Status and walking America. Dead heroes coming back as Black Lantern Powered Zombies and Damian acting as Robin.

What is so great is that Tim is not your typical side kick, he followed more the Bucky Barnes route of becoming a partner with his hero and by Bruce's own admission would become better than he was. He's had his share of downs as the Robin; the death of his girlfriend who really wasn't dead just hiding and the death of his father at the hands of the villain Captain Boomerang. He never changed for the worse no he took each pain just as Batman did but realized he can't do it alone and has made friends as a member of Young Justice and the leader of the Teen Titans after the old guard left.

He didn't set out to be a great hero, he was happy being Robin until the ride was over but like every other hero they sometimes have greatness thrusted upon them and he wore it magnificently.

Number 2: Donatello Hamato from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

If you do not know who this guy is then where the shell have you been?! This is the turtle that is fluent in technobabble, master of the strong but flexible Bo staff, the turtle that does machines and he wears purple! Granted the surname of Hamato is only something that had been added later but it does make sense seeing in some continuities Splinter is Hamato Yoshi.

Donnie has been my favorite since I was a child and as the third of four brothers we all picked one of our own. Donnie was mine because he was each thing that I felt I wasn't. Brave, strong and most of all smart. I wanted to be like him but instead I read comics, practiced Kung fu instead of ninjutsu and do not have a shell on my back.

Donnie is a great character along with the traits described he has shown no matter the continuity just how loyal and ready to go down swinging he is. It's no wonder why so many love him and the character has lasted ffor so long no matter the continui-

Donnie being held in his father's arms after battle
Donnie being held in his father's arms after battle

...I'm not crying...

Okay honestly, yeah I was upset at seeing this especially since reading the series it shows more that the characters don't come back after death. But Donnie is in intensive care and hopefully survives his battle and comes back with a vengeance.

Alright guys, time for the headliner. The top pick and the guy that you read the whole list to find out who my number one draft pick is and that answer is none other than...

Number 1: Detective Chimp!

Heh, no not really though. Sorry guys, but the chimp is awesome and I demand more of him in his own series. Call me DC I could totally make that work.

No the real number one is this guy right here.

Real Number 1: Ted Kord The Blue Beetle!

Ted Kord is the second person to hold the mantle of the Blue Beetle and probably for the longest given the mantle's track record. Inheriting the mantle from his dying mentor Daniel Garret after saving Ted from his crazed power hungry uncle Jarvis Kord the only problem was that Ted didn't have the Mystical/Alien tech scarab that gave Dan his powers. but what he did have was his mind. Ted was brilliant which people even claimed he was smarter than Batman but no one ever took time to notice.

Ted took the mantle using his mind. Becoming a tech based hero with his BB Gun a powerful gun that acts as a sonic disruptor of sorts which he was still trying to get to work for years.

Even creating his own solar powered aircraft lovingly called "The Bug."

Ted ran for a while before his series was cancelled then he became a member of the Justice League International where he met his best friend and his hetero life partner Booster Gold.

Together the two had become basically the Kenan and Kell of the comics world developing get rich quick schemes (Even though Ted owns his own company) and probably the most dastardly of all...

Want to know how that ended?

But all good things came to an end. The team broke up Booster and Blue kept up as partners and friends and Ted became a recurring character on the series Birds of Prey where a short lived romance between the blue brawler and Barbara Gordon as Oracle. This leads me into a theory about a different reason for Ted's departure but maybe down the line I can do a vid or something about it but until then let's get to probably the hardest part about this. The death of Ted Kord.

After the events of Identity Crisis DC was taking a darker turn so much so that people died other's turned to villains and worst of all Ted had fallen from grace and was killed by a former friend and teammate Maxwell Lord.

As Ted was falling he knew something wrong and began investigating the dreaded "OMAC" project that would soon be part of the grand scheme of Infinite Crisis.

Ted, with what little help he could get from friends and allies that he had left follows a trail that goes from Kord Industries, to Fawcett City and meeting with the wizard Shazam the wizard that gave Billy Batson his powers to become Captain Marvel (No DC that's his name, stop changing what isn't broken.) and the trail goes all the way to a remote fortress where we are confronted with Maxwell Lord who has changed his alignment to stupid and became a member of Checkmate and preparing a war against the super heroes and metahumans of the world.

Ted fought valiantly to stop Max even trying his best to fight Max's power to control minds. He is unsuccessful and given a chance to join Max and save the world from the cancer that is the metahuman heroes and villains.

Ted could save himself and it could've made a story where he could work from within the ranks of Checkmate and stop them but really it wouldn't be as great as Ted's last words...

are uttered he solidifies himself as a hero no one took seriously till the end of it all and remains a staple character. Even being revived in the New 52 event Forever Evil.

Ted Kord is strong, brilliant, heroic and best of all funny. Hes likened to the Spider-Man of DC but I don't think that's fair. Ted is his own hero and has earned the name of Blue Beetle and that is why he is my favorite hero.

Alright guys, that's the end oof the list and the end of my first article here on Movie Pilot. I hope you all enjoyed and if not tell me why maybe we can get a dialogue going and your words can help me make these a bit better.

See you next time y'all.


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