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Teen Wolf found its Sluagh this week. According to, they cast 16-year-old Texan Michael Lynch to play the fan-designed creature in an episode of Season 5 of the MTV series

Brooklyn-based artist Jessica Short designed the Sluagh (pronounced sloo-ah), a creature of Irish and Scottish myth that eats the souls of innocents and sometimes places parts of its rotten soul into the bodies of its sleeping victims.

Mike spent 2 days on set this week. They did prep work for the shoot on day one and spent the next day actually filming as the Sluagh.

Mike got the part through the Make-A-Wish foundation. His wish was to be an extra on [Teen Wolf](series:721002). Instead, because the timing was just right, he will become a lasting part of the Teen Wolf Universe as the very first Sluagh to appear on screen.Our source on set during the shoot says Jessica’s design and Mike’s performance combined to make the creature “terrifying."

Mike Lynch with the cast of Teen Wolf
Mike Lynch with the cast of Teen Wolf

The Sluagh scenes coincided with the Teen Wolf crew’s return to the Mary Andrews Clark Memorial Home near downtown Los Angeles. The building serves as the exterior of Eichen House in the Teen Wolf Universe.

While it’s still not clear exactly how they plan to use the creature in Season 5, the return to Eichen House suggests the Sluagh may be involved with the secret supernatural jail housed inside the mental health facility.

You can see more pictures of Mike's Teen Wolf Adventure on his newly established twitter page.


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