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What makes someone a Superhero? The mere ability of a superpower? Dressing up in a costume to fight the forces of evil? What about just having just a logo on the shirt? Theres no right answer, and thats the beauty of them They are a spectacular study of character, and amazing source of entertainment!

With that said, heres my list of my 5 favorite superheroes!

5. Sentry

Okay, so imagine Superman, and he's psychotic. He believes something that no one else believes, but its true. He has phycological problems and hes one of the most powerful Marvel heroes. Need I say more?

4. Batman

Those white eyes!
Those white eyes!

Ahhh yes. The man himself! I've always been a huge fan of Batman, ever since I was little. I watch The Animated Series and the Justice League a lot, which probably started me one it. Dark, edgy, his media always brings something different that disconnects him from other super hero pop culture. I have tons of his book, and he draws some of the most influential artists to his stories, so his comics have always been inspiring to look at!

"Now, how do I get down?"
"Now, how do I get down?"

One question though, why does he put little kids in bright, neon colors while he wears black and gray? To draw enemy fire away from him? Not cool Batsy, not cool.

3. Deadpool

Oh boy! The man with two thought boxes, the man who killed the entire marvel Universe, the man who's humor and charm is why all his peers want to kill him so much, its DEADPOOL!

What can I honestly say about him. I'm pretty sure his healing factor isn't even his main superpower. I think its his breaking of the fourth wall. Hes a Looney Tune, and i'm sure we're all excited for his movie! Which I hope will be R, so we can get all the Guts, Booby jokes and eye winks at the camera that the movie deserves!

Just perfect.
Just perfect.

2. Spawn

Okay, so this is how you write a superhero. A true success story, there was a very slim chance Spawn as a comic would gain popularity. After a bunch of artists left Marvel due to a pay issue, they started up a artist based company named Image Comics. Plenty was written, but none as memorable as Spawn.

A man who seeked revenge and reunion after his death, made a deal with the devil to acquire it. There was a catch, he woke up with no memory, strange powers and in a costume and look flowing cape that seems to have a mind of its own.

Now, imagine the dark storylines of Batman, but even more tragic, and even more violent. Another hero that needs a new movie, and theres still no news on it. I hope we get some soon.

1. Ultimate Spider-Man (Peter Parker)

This is the comic series that got me into comics as a whole. I would read the volumes as a kid, which I still have today. They were there for me when i'd be upset, and put me into the world of Peter Parker. He was younger, and I saw a lot of myself in him, which is why I feel so connected.

With fantastic supporting characters and the mystery of finding out which mainstream Marvel Character would get a new design. Some better than others...

His character still speaks volumes to me and I still read his stories even to this day, and thats why he means so much to my life.

Now while I do have a dis-taste of Miles Morales, only because he was introduced by killing off such a loved character to me, I would have liked him more if they introduced him in a more gradual way. A point of reference is the Earth 2 Superman Val-Zod.

Anyway, being a Spider-Man fan is rough, especially for a movie fan. So I got my fingers crossed for something fantastic, and with how Marvel adapts movies, I will finally get it.

Bonus. Voltage! My own Character!

Whoring out my own character! Haven't really done anything with him yet, but im in the process of writing and hopefully it takes wind. So much fun to draw, especially when its for stress release!

Who's YOUR favorite superhero?


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