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Once a upon a time Batman was campy. Shang Chi was Z list and Aquaman, well let's say he didn't register on the alphabet. That's just three of my all-time top five. You may be thinking I get Batman, but Aquaman and Chang Chi? What's next? Antman and Howard the Duck? Yep.

If you haven't been following Geoff Johns run on Aquaman you have missed out on some aqua awesomeness. No longer lamo, limp fish, but transformed into aqua bad fish. The character finally gets flushed out into ocean adventures without a convoluted, contrived back story. He stands on his own, brooding, but heroic and swimming towards the DC movie verse, with appeal worthy of the trinity that's set to appear.

Speaking of the King of the trinity; Batman. What comic cape better captures the imagination than a super hero without powers. Anyone with enough will, grit and tenacity could be Batman. Where does he get all of those toys?

Master of King Furniture Shang Chi has no toys. Just like bats no super powers. He started off as a super spy stopping his evil father at every turn. More recently he has pulled missions for the Avengers and finally making their roster. He has had action packed adventures constantly over coming the odds and being a hero while maintaining his inner Chi. He has left the Z list and I can easily see him going completely mainstream showing up in the Marvel movie verse. Pick up his adventures in the Secret Wars coming out and you won't be disappointed.

I thought I'd be disappointed when I picked the new adventures of Scott Lang's Antman. Boy was I wrong. It is whitty, adventurous and heroic. Every issue leaves me wanting more. He is a character at his core who's hearts in the right place but his nativity causes problems. He reminds me of one of my buddies who in his thirties still lives at home. Good dude bad choices. Do yourself a favor and start reading this book.

Finally, from the great nexus of all realities comes Howard. A duck who loves hot chicks, a good cigar and some whiskey. From running for President to fighting Dr. Bong too introducing the comic world to Kiss he stands as perhaps the most obnoxious, unorthodox hero of all time. I loved his adventures fighting Marvel Zombies, and I always love his team ups with other Marvel heroes, but his new gig as a private eye leaves me wanting more.

Here's how I breakdown my five:



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