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We all have our favorite heroes. Some are different from others. Some are the same. Well my favorite heroes are pretty much cause they are awesome. So here we go.

First up the Norse god of thunder himself. That's right I am talking about the one and only THOR!!!!! He is my absolute favorite because well hes such a badass. Not only that he is not designated to only one city like a lot of the superheroes out there. He protects all nine realms, even from each other. He is also funny to watch in movies cause he is so cocky and doesn't speak like we do normally.

Second favorite has to be the hulk. Being the strongest man alive, that is kinda hard to love in a character. With his giant advantage of getting stronger as he gets angrier is just freaking awesome. It's also fun to see the hulk smash everyone (like he did in the avengers movie) that pisses him off. He's also awesome cause he is one of the few characters in the marvel universe that can pick up Thor's hammer. Also can relate with his anger (basically don't piss either of us off we will screw you up)

Third favorite has to be wolverine. A guy who can survive a trip to the sun. Yeah I think he's gonna be in this list. This guy is practically immortal and indestructible. I also feel bad for the guy cause he went through the adamantium inplant, his lovers all die around him (until he screws with time) and everyone wants to kill him. I can also kind of relate to him with his heightened senses. I can smell you!!!

Fourth has to be batman aka the dark knight!!! You have to respect a man in a bat suit that kicked supermans sorry a**. And not only that he is a detective that can solve anything and can also train just about anyone. And even with his flaws I feel for him trying to honor his parents memories. That is probably something I would do.

And last but not least my fifth favorite hero has to be the green lantern. I would absolutely love to have the green lantern ring just because the idea of creating anything with my imagination and flying just seem so very awesome. Although the characters in the lantern comic series they need to make up there mind and CHOOSE A COLOR!!!!!!!!

So there's my favorite characters who are yalls favorite characters?


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