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DC and Marvel have dominated the comic book industry for decades now, causing millions of people to have a beloved list of their favorite superheroes and characters from those universes. Characters including: Batman, Iron Man, Spider-Man, Superman and even Aqualad.

That's great and all, but every now and then, why don't we talk about non DC and Marvel Universe characters? Where is all the love for Dark Horse Comics, Image Comics, etc? Why doesn't anyone really seem to give a damn about any of those other characters?

But, today...we are giving a damn about them!

Well, at least we are going to try!

So today, I am listing my Top 5 Non DC/Marvel Universe Characters! It can be any villain, hero, character, side-kick, pet, etc, that is not a part of the Marvel or DC Universes. Pretty simple right? But, I would like to keep in mind that this is my personal opinion and should not be taken over-the-top serious! It's just for fun as usual!

So without further a due, let's polish our horns, frame the Doctor, put bandages on our face and get started!

Number 5: Spawn

Spawn was once a man named Al Simmons, a highly trained assassin and was considered the best. He was a well known soldier who was at his most successful point when he saved the President from an attempted assassination. He was promoted to a higher level of the C.I.A. that dealt with the things the Government had kept secret from the general public. However, Al soon realized that the Government wasn't always right and started questioning if they were truly correct in their actions. This caught the attention of people in high power.
Jason Wynn who had long since been his superior found out about this and knew that Al knew too much. So he hired Chapel who was Al's friend and partner to kill him. In a blazing inferno Al Simmons was murdered and his soul was sent to Hell because he had knowingly killed innocents in his C.I.A. days.
Al made a deal to sell his soul to a Demonic Being known as " Malebolgia" to get to see his wife Wanda Fitzgerald once again. He was allowed to come back however he came back five years later as some kind of strange Hellspawn with no memory of what he had done. After remembering what he had done, he sought out his wife only to find she had moved on and married his best friend, Terry Fitzgerald and had even had a child named Cyan.
It was after this event that his demonic guide the Violator whom appeared as a clown showed up. He revealed to Spawn the purpose of his life and fought him but had his battle interrupted by Malebolgia. Now realizing his purpose he must fight to survive against both the forces of Heaven and Hell.

The classic Image Comics character.

Spawn is a cult classic character who was a huge deal in the 90's, outselling Superman, having his own movie, etc. Not only having an incredible history, Spawn is just an awesome character. With flight, superhuman strength, speed, immortality, healing, martial arts expert, teleportation, resurrection, shapeshifting, and the list goes on and on. With that many awesome powers, an awesome origin, history and bad-a** look, Spawn defiantly belongs on this list!

Number 4: Hellboy

Hellboy, or Anung Un Rama as he was called, was conceived on October 5th 1617, the day his birthmother Sarah Hughes was on her deathbed. In life, Sarah was a witch who gained her powers from being a consort of the demon Azzael, a duke of Hell who is also Hellboy's biological father. Taking Sarah's body to Hell when she attempted to repent on her death bed within a church in East Bromwich, England, Azzael burned her away so their child would be born and chopped the newborn's right hand off to replace it with the Right Hand of Doom, a relic tied to the Ogrdu Jahad. When the other princes of Hell learned of his actions, Azzael sent his half-demon child away while he was stripped of his powers and imprisoned in ice.
The child is eventually summoned to Earth in the final months of World War II by Grigori Rasputin on Tarmagant Island, off the coast of Scotland, having been commissioned by the Nazis to change the tide of war ("Project Ragna Rok"). As a direct result of this ritual, the child appears on Earth in a fireball at what remained of the ruined Bromwich Church on December 23, 1944. Proving not to be a devil, in the traditional sense, but a devil-like creature, the child was dubbed "Hellboy" by Professor Trevor "Broom" Bruttenholm

The classic Dark Horse Comics character.

Like Spawn, Hellboy is a huge cult classic! With thousands of appearances in comic books and graphic novels, two praised films, praised animated films, etc. Again like Spawn, Hellboy has quite the collection of powers: superhuman strength, endurance, healing, longevity, knowledge of supernatural, invulnerable Right Hand of Doom, immunity to fire, etc.

Even though Spawn and Hellboy share quite a few similarities, I ranked Hellboy higher. This is because I enjoy his wit and appearance more than Spawn's. Hellboy's wit makes him a much more enjoyable character and even a character that you can relate to at times!

Number 3: V

The background and identity of V is largely unknown. He is at one point an inmate at "Larkhill Resettlement Camp"—one of many concentration camps where political prisoners, homosexuals, Black people, Jews, Muslims, Indians and Pakistanis are exterminated by Britain's new fascist regime. While there, he is part of a group of prisoners who are subjected to horrific medical experimentation, conducted by Dr. Delia Surridge, involving artificially designed hormone injection. Lewis Prothero is the camp's commandant, as well as a paedophile vicar, Father Lilliman, is at the camp to lend "spiritual support". All prisoners so injected soon die under gruesome circumstances, with the sole exception of "the man in room five" ("V" in Roman numerals).

I would like to point out that V is NOT in the DC Universe. The book V for Vendetta was just published under DC comics and is not related to the DC Universe.

There is just like no words that can describe the pure awesomeness of V. With his mysterious pass, his amazingly fighting abilities, his awesome knifes, his determination, genius level intelligence, taste of music, film and his amazing quotes that I could quote right now, V is just amazing! Let's also not forget he is the man who really introduced the Guy Fawkes mask which is super cool too! Not much more could be said about V because he is just plain amazing and iconic.

Number 2: Judge Dredd

Joseph Dredd is the most famous of the Street Judges that patrol Mega-City One, charged to instantly convict, sentence, and execute offenders. Dredd is armed with a "Lawgiver" pistol (programmed to recognise only his palm-print, and capable of six types of ammunition), a daystick, a knife and stun or gas grenades. His helmet obscures his face, except for his mouth and jaw. He rides a large "Lawmaster" motorcycle equipped with machine-guns, a powerful laser cannon, and full artificial intelligence capable of responding to orders from the Judge and operating itself.

The pure definition of bad-a**.

Judge Dredd is an icon! With his iconic look, iconic gun, his name is even used in discussion about police states, authoritarianism, and the rule of law. That has to mean something! He also has one really great movie that really introduced the character to other parts of the world and put him on the map. Dredd is just an obvious choice for this list and anyone's list in general! Cause...

Sorry, couldn't resist myself...

Number 1: Rorschach

The same year as his mother’s murder, Walter Kovacs dropped out of school. He took a job as a garment worker. Here his phobia of working with women, or anything relating to women began to take effect. This was caused by his being beat by his mother whenever he saw her doing sexual activities. When working at the factory, a women ordered a dress, made of fabric, developed by Dr. Manhattan that consisted of two liquids, black and white, which were constantly shifting in response to heat and pressure making images like a Rorschach test. The women did not like the dress, but Walter grew to love the fabric.

This is the same thing as V, Watchmen was published by DC, but is not apart of it's universe.

Rorschach is my clear number one choice. I'm sure people will disagree and that's fine, but I will never be changing this pick ever. With his strong belief of doing the right thing, his awesome mask, great detective skills, cool gadgets, etc, there has to be someone who agrees with me on this! Rorschach is also an icon like Judge Dredd because of his memorable presence in the all-time-great Watchmen story and his original character. Rorschach is and always will be the best non DC or Marvel Universe Character of all time!

Do you agree with my list? Do you agree with some of my list? Do you just despise my list? Tell me in the comments below, take the poll and be sure to follow me for more fun and interesting content! Thanks for reading!

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Honorable Mentions

The Violator


The Sandman

Kick-Ass and Hit-Girl

Scott Pilgrim


Who is your favorite Non DC/Marvel Universe character?


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