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So to start you off, not too many hours ago Instagram was the conveyor of some potentially horrifying news, suggested (and heart crushingly likely to be true) by Australia's greatest achievement himself.

I'll let you decode it first:

"Heart crushing" I find you questioning? "Why would good ol' Hugh's announcement of more Wolverine be 'heart crushing'"?

Yes, as much as I am in praise that Hugh the Jacked-Man is yet again preparing for his outstanding role as the mutant with minor anger issues, this Instagram post wasn't about the claws - no - it was the tiny, insignificant "...ONE LAST TIME...." bit that's got me gnawing my nails!

With upcoming movies '[X-Men: Apocalypse](movie:1194267)' and 'Deadpool' heavily speculated to host Wolverine cameos, fans were desperate to be told for definite whether either of these appearances were going to be the last time we would see our indestructible man-wolf on the big screen - fortunately, if you didn't know already, a sequel to the highly acclaimed 'The Wolverine' is in order, pretty much confirmed earlier this month by Director James Mangold in response to a fan's tweet:

So this was the "..ONE LAST TIME.." Hughy was talking about!
So this was the "..ONE LAST TIME.." Hughy was talking about!

So, we can expect to see Jackman cause people to bleed once again in a couple years time, filming beginning in the early stages of 2016 - but will his character also bleed out for good? A FINAL appearance of such a popular character as Hugh Jackman's Wolverine can only mean one thing. We've already seen him pushed scarily close to the brink in 2013's 'The Wolverine', but can we expect Death to come knocking on Old Man Logan's door this time round to stay?

Chances are, yes we really can. Wolverine's healing factor may retain his youth, but unfortunately Mr. Jackman has not the same abilities. As fate would have it though (as-is the case with most comic happenings), back in September of 2014, Marvel Comics released a miniseries titled; 'The Death Of Wolverine', and to be honest, the result of the plot really couldn't be more obvious.

Death looks like a decent guy actually.... ('Death Of Wolverine' issue 4 variant cover)
Death looks like a decent guy actually.... ('Death Of Wolverine' issue 4 variant cover)

If you haven't heard of or read this story-arc, you now may be thinking; "I'm sure he didn't actually die, they just used a dramatic title for sales", well I hate to inform you if that's what you think NON-BELIEVER, but Wolverine is very much DEAD, DEAD, DEAD in the mainstream Marvel Universe! (But you are right, these comics made a crap ton of money.)

In this storyline, Logan is subjected to a virus from the microverse, which results in his healing factor being NO MORE! This ensues many people taking advantage by hunting him down after a hit has been logically placed on his head! The climax of the story finds Logan faced with the culprit and dying after having settled the fight, by having his whole body doused in adamantium.

After having a very similar plot line from 'The Wolverine' movie, in which he is closer to death than ever after having his healing factor frozen, Fox Studios could easily imply a connection to these events when creating their Wolverine finale, suggesting that the character still holds a frailty from having his healing factor temporarily taken.


In the centerfold business and money making side of things - getting Wolverine out of the picture in the FOX Marvel Universe will make for a far easier time of bringing another highly demanded version into the MCU - that is if Marvel Cinematic Studios intend on buying the rights to the character any time soon.

Like any actor portraying a comic-book hero, they and we know that they can't do it forever, so maybe it's time to bid Hugh a farewell on a happy note, so that he can enjoy the rest of his fruitful career trying new things!

Anyway, what do you think?


Will the character's on-screen journey remain dead with Jackman's departure?

Anyway I'd love to know what you guys think! Sad to see Wolverine leaving? Think he won't actually meet his demise? Comment and let me know, not forgetting to share, and follow for more comic and film articles alike! Thanks for reading!


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