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So Marvel & 20th Century Fox, they don't like each other very much. Fox owns the rights to both the X-Men & Fantastic Four Franchise's while Marvel owns pretty much everything else and with the Marvel & Sony's deal to include Spider-man into the MCU, a lot of people have been wondering if it's possible that Marvel & Fox could work out an agreement and bring the X-Men & Fantastic 4 into the MCU, you know, play nice for a change. Well the chances of that happening are pretty slim considering Marvel's distaste towards Fox's Marvel based works, but if they were to join forces or if Fox were to completely give the rights back to Marvel, how would they do it. Would they keep on the same actors and plot lines from the original movies, would it be a straight up reboot like Spider-man which I am completely against as read in my previous article:,manual,manual

Chances are Marvel would go for a reboot, completely disregarding 16 years of story and characters that we have all come to know and love, but is that really necessary. As much as I love Marvel, their relationship with Fox comes off as ungrateful and greedy. Fox has done more for Marvel then they know. The original X-Men films along with the original Spider-man trilogy are responsible for bringing the Superhero genre into the mainstream after Marvel sold the film rights in order to save themselves from bankruptcy. They succeeded in making their superhero's a house hold name and saved themselves from bankruptcy, but more specifically Fox & Sony saved them. Eventually they got in on that action and made Iron Man 2008 and kicked off their Marvel Cinematic Universe which has blown up into a massive success. Now Marvel has no more need for Fox and as evidence suggests are now trying to sabotage Fox and their films, talk about a Frankenstein story, creation turns on creator. Marvel owes their massive success to Fox, without them there's a good chance that their films wouldn't be nearly as successful as they are now or possibly would never have been made. Marvel wasn't in a good position back in the late 90's, it was them selling off the rights and the success of the movies that came after which helped kick them off into the mainstream, now Marvel is a household name.

It is blatantly obvious that Fox and Marvel are at odds, Marvel wants their rights back, but Fox isn't willing to give them up because unlike Sony's Spider-man films, their franchise still has some kick left in it as seen in Days of Future Past and are now ready to kick off a whole new X-Men Universe with (Spoilers) DOFP erasing the original films from the timeline and while those films are still technically canon and are still watchable, are no longer mandatory as a new timeline has been established.

Marvel is pissed at what Fox is doing with their properties even though they have no reason too other than the fact that they can't include any X-Men or Fantastic 4 characters in their movies. The X-Men franchise, while not as big as Marvel's Cinematic Universe is still a largely successful franchise, with it's good and bad films but is overall a great series of movies still going strong with no need of a reboot. Marvel thinks otherwise and would undoubtedly reboot the franchise if they ever got their hands on the rights again and are doing anything they can to boycott and ruin Fox's efforts. Here's some examples that support this:

After reading that, you get where I'm coming from. I personally love the X-Men films, sure their not 100% faithful to the comics but neither are Marvel's films. I've been a longer fan of Fox's films and even prefer some of their films to Marvel's (First Class, X-Men, X2: United, Days Of Future Past). As of now Fox is planning a slew of X-Men related films and are also working on rebooting the Fantastic 4 franchise after the previous films, while fairly successful at the box office, failed to garner fan support and interest, deemed too silly and cheesy by fans and critics alike. This new film however has gotten nothing but backlash from the fans, complaining over everything from Origin change, to the young cast, to Dr. Doom being a hacker and the biggest fan backlash ever since all the Batman Vs. Superman casting, The Human Torch is now black!!!

Things change, get over it. I know I'm going to get hate for this but it's true, things change for better or for worse. The backlash for this thing is incredible, but is it really the necessary? I'd bet you a million dollars that if Marvel had the film rights for the Fantastic 4 and made a film identical to this one, Black Johnny Storm and all they would get universal praise for doing something new and diverse. Sure opinions would vary but fans have their head so far up Marvel's ass they refuse to listen to reason, probably because they can't hear anything up Marvel's ass. Who cares if it's a good movie or not, if it's not Marvel it sucks! Only reason fans are against it is simply because they know that they ain't going to be seeing the Fantastic 4 teaming up with the Avengers anytime soon, yeah that's right, No Hulk vs. Thing for you! I don't pretend to speak for everyone but from what I've seen, the majority of comments and opinions on the film all strive from the fact that Marvel doesn't own the rights to Fantastic Four. Fans comment saying things like they hope the film bombs just so Marvel get's the rights back, Marvel would do it justice, Marvel should get the rights back, I'm not supporting this film so it bombs and Marvel get's the rights back, Marvel this, Marvel that! Honestly guys what ever happened to making a good old self reliant movie that doesn't bank off the success and connections of other movies. I love the MCU but I honestly feel it's a bit overrated and a wee bit bloated. Even without the X-Men and Fantastic Four Franchises they feel a bit overcrowded, and the addition of Spider-man makes the films even more so because they just got Spider-man and all his characters to stuff into their films as well. Fans need to cool off and see what happens, I have faith in this new F4 movie and I'll be supporting it all the way, I am honestly interested to see what Fox has to offer.

Now, let's finally get to the main focus of this article, sorry for blabbering. What if Marvel and Fox decided to play nice and work together, similar to the Sony deal but without completely rebooting the franchise and destroying all the hard work Fox has put into their films. How would you connect these franchises without making it seem like a cheap gimmick, how would you do it? Well I'll tell you how. Possible Spoilers ahead!

As some of you know, the new Fantastic 4 film is an origin story, reintroducing the Fantastic 4 and reinventing their origin, though not in the traditional way. The Fantastic 4 aren't getting their powers from cosmic rays up on a space mission, oh no, instead they find themselves traveling into an alternate dimension called the N-Zone, where they find themselves altered by the dimension's unique atmosphere and are granted their respectful super powers. Now, the film supposedly introduces the idea of multiple dimensions and universes, more information on this can be found here: //,manual

With the idea of alternate dimensions and universe being introduce, the concept of a crossover with not only the X-Men franchise but the MCU as well is not only a fathomable reason for the franchises crossing over but is a totally legit way of introducing the already established X-Men characters into Marvel's films. Plus, now you don't have to consider those franchises that have since been rebooted as non canon or no longer relevant, because they totally are. Sam Raimi's Spider-man Universe, the previous Fantastic Four films, The Amazing Spider-man, Daredevil and Electra, Ghost Rider, Hulk 2003, Blade, Punisher, and even Howard the Duck are their own separate movie universes, and while their stories are no longer being told, you can still imagine what stories could be told, who knows, maybe fan fictions could become relevant. You can take these series whatever way you want, you can make up the stories. It'd be cool if Marvel, Sony, Fox or whoever would continue these universe in some form (Comic Books?) but for now we can only imagine. Anyways, yes alternate universes do exist in Marvel, in comics and now in the movies, so what if Fox and Marvel struck a deal and brought the X-Men and FF into the MCU. What if they did that in time for Infinity Wars? They'd take two already huge movies and make them even bigger. I'm sure Marvel could find a way to shoehorn the Fox Universes into theirs, I only ask it be done in a legit and reasonable way, not just a cheap gimmick to gain some more cash. Also, who's to say other Alternate versions of the X-Men and FF don't exist, what if Marvel and Fox made a deal, Fox can continue to do their X-Men films while Marvel introduces a while new X-Men Universe in their own films, you know share the rights. Wouldn't it be funny if Hugh Jackman's Wolverine and the new Fantastic 4 to join Infinity Wars, return to their respective Universes at the end only for the MCU's versions of Wolverine and the FF show up late to the battle all confused by their doppelgangers, that'd be great. If Marvel really wanted to do something cool it would be this. By making the X-Men films and MCU films their own separate Universes they would avoid any continuity errors that would undoubtedly be introduced if they tried to make the two franchises part of the same timeline, it'd be a mess, even more than Fox's ex X-men Timeline (Origins, 1, United, Last Stand, The Wolverine). Fox's Fantastic 4 film hasn't even come out yet so if this film becomes a success on it's own let's just hope they don't convoluted and screw up the timeline with any unnecessary prequels even though the idea of a Fantastic Four prequel is quite silly, what would they call it? Just plain old Four? That'd be underwhelming now wouldn't it.

If Marvel and Fox co operated it could open the doors to endless movie crossovers, it all depends on co operation. If Marvel and Fox wanted to do something to really wow the fans it would be this. In the meantime, Marvel! Stop being so greedy, you guys are already box office kings and practically rule the movie industry, is it really so bad to let someone else do their own thing? You owe a lot to Fox, just as they owe a lot to you. It's time to put aside your differences and do something good. Lastly, I want to apologize to any but hurt fan boys I offended when I called you out on your bullshit, we all have our opinions but you guys bring obnoxious to a whole new level. But thanks to those who are Civil enough not to freak out over a casting decision they know nothing about, who knows, maybe Micheal B. Jordan will be the next Robert Downey Jr. , you never know. So that's all for now and tell me what you think, what you want, what do you think would be best for these franchises, tell me in the comments below.


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