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In my opinion Marvel and Dc will always be in competition with eachother but these are a few reasons why I think Marvel is better. Keep in note that im mostly gonna refrence to movies because that is what most people are into.

1. Characters

Marvel has a large variety of heroes even villains we can relate to.


Spidey being a teenager there can be a lot of people who can compare to what he has been through, loss and pain.

X men

In the movies and even comics the x men are treated different because they are mutants and these stories deal a lot with racism.

And many more....

2. Stories

Marvel is the best when it comes to stories. They have kept one continuous story across 10 movies, soon to be 11, and several tv shows.

3. Memoral villains!

Like Stan Lee said, "A hero without a villain is like a day without sunshine" and Marvel has done that, create awesome memoral villains like...


Winter Soldier

4. Humor

That is one key thing that Dc movies seriously lack is a good sence of humor. Even in TDK, the Joker was awesome but it lacked humor. Every movie n3eds a good joke and Marvel does it perfectly. I think we all know that the funniest Marvel movie is

Guardians of the Galaxy

And to me the funniest character is

Tony Stark

5. Actors/Actress

C'mon that needs to be a good one and Marvel has several huge actors in its Roster. Eye candy for both guys and girls.

For the guys Marvel has

Scarlett Johansson

Elizabeth Olsen

Jennifer Lawrence

Jessica Alba

Just to name a few.

And for the girls

Chris Hemsworth

Chris Evans

Chris Pratt

Sebastian Stan

6. Heroism

In Marvel we always see the hero willing to rick it all to save the innocent or show true acts of a hero.

Captain America sacrificed himself to save the world in The First Avenger and again in The Winter Soldier.

Iron Man, in IM3 the Air Force one scene was so badass, Iron Man still managed to save all 13 of the falling people when he was only able to carry 4.

Guardians, the scene where Star Lord hold the infinity stone was my most favorite scene EVER!! That scene says true heroism because they were willing to die to save a world that locked them away.

7. Emotional Scenes.

Whats betrer than a good laugh, a good emotional scene and Marvel once again shows us that. These to me are 6 of the saddsst scenes in Marvel movies.

6. Captain dies in Captain America The First Avenger

5. Pepper Dies in Iron Man 3

4. Howard Starks greatest creation in Iron Man 2

3. Groots ultimate sacrifice in GotG

2. Peter Quills mom in GotG

1. Uncle Ben dies in Spiderman (2002)

8. Badass Scenes

My final reason is Marvel's badass scenes. These few moments were totaly awesone and they prove that Marvel can do no wrong.

Iron Men

Cap vs Winter Soldier

X men vs Sentinals

Avengers Assemble

Avengers Age of Ultron Trailers!!

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