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DC has A LOT of characters under its belt! So much that there are literally enough to fill an entire encyclopedia! Sadly, with so many characters occupying its universe, DC has a ton of neglected and forgotten characters. There are so many that even I didn't know about! But thanks to my trusty DC Comics Encyclopedia, I've become knowledgeable about many of DC's lost children. And though there are a ton that I favor, today I'll be sharing with you my 'Top 5'! So here ya go, my top 5 favorite DC characters that aren't quite as popular as Batman or Lex Luthor! Let's get started with number 1!

Fools, you've fallen right into my trap! You didn't think I'd just tell you my favorite obscure DC characters did you?! No, in order to find out my top 5, you must reveal them by participating in the most dangerous and exciting type of game...the multiple choice quiz!

Can. You. Taste. The. EVILLLL????
Can. You. Taste. The. EVILLLL????

Here Are The Rules:

I will ask you a question, and if you answer it correctly, one of my favorites will be revealed! At the end, you can see your score and show the world just how much you know your DC lore! And by the way, you can not leave until you answer my questions! So don't try to close this tab or turn off your computer...because it totally doesn't work....take my word for it.



Question 1: This supervillain is the beloved creation of a scientist, and possesses the ability to duplicate just about any JLA member ever! Who are they?

Answer: Amazo! Amazo is the android brainchild of Professor Ivo. He was created with the sole purpose of eliminating the Justice League. But Ivo knew that he'd need to give Amazo a pretty remarkable power to get rid of the most powerful men and women in the galaxy! So he had a great thought. Why give him one good power, when he can simply give him the ability to duplicate the powers of every single JLA member ever? And it worked! Though Amazo has been defeated numerous times, he gets stronger and stronger every time he tussles with the JLA! Especially if their roster gets larger, as he also possesses the ability to upgrade himself with the powers of any new JLA members he encounters. It's sad that such an awesome villain is barely used in DC's large amount of animated/live-action films, big comic events and TV shows, but I imagine it's because his power is the very definition of overkill! He did make an appearance in one of my favorite animated DC films, Batman: Under the Red Hood!


Question 2: This superhero was devastated by their wife's death in a car crash, and would have committed suicide had The Spectre not intervened and reassured them of their purpose in life. Who are they?

Answer: Mister Terrific II! Well, he really just goes by Mister Terrific, but the II is there to show that he was the second to use the title. Michael Holt had everything. He had an olympic medal, he was a young and handsome electronics engineer with his own cyberwear company, he was filthy rich, and he was married to a beautiful woman. But one day, his life took a turn for the worse when his wife died in a car accident. Distraught, Michael attempts suicide, but is stopped by The Spectre. The Spectre reassures him of his purpose in life, and motivates Michael to become the hero, Mister Terrific! Using his knowledge of his tech, he created 'T-Spheres', floating devices that he designed himself! He uses these, and his fighting skills to fight crime! MT has made appearances in the show Justice League Unlimited, and the game Injustice: Gods Among Us.


Question 3: This hero is quite literally the spirit of American pride, honor and freedom! They are the personification of the United States, and comes from a magical talisman, that when linked to a person, becomes a true patriotic fighter! Who are they?!

Answer: Uncle Sam! The truest of patriots! Truthfully, when I first found out that DC had made Uncle Sam a superhero, I thought it was ridiculous. But after managing to check out a couple of comics starring this strange but patriotic hero, I am 100% a fan! There's something about seeing the symbol of America bring the smackdown on a gang of villains! If DC and Marvel haven't already made a crossover comic with Sam and Captain America, they need to get on it! Aside from his comic appearances, Uncle Sam has appeared in an episode of Batman: The Brave and the Bold.


Question 4: This hero is one-half of a superhero team. After looking for a way to help their sick mother, they were granted powers by the Lords of Order and Chaos, becoming the avatar of peace! Who are they?

Answer: Dove! Dawn Granger is the latest person to hold the title of Dove, after the previous Dove, Don Hall, died. Unknowingly to Dawn, she was actually the reason that Don Hall lost his powers, depriving him of them whenever she transformed into Dove. She fights as the avatar of peace, alongside the first Hawk, Hank Hall, who fights as the avatar of chaos! Though Hawk and Dove had made numerous appearances in other media, Dawn has yet to make an appearance outside of the comics. But she will be in the upcoming live action Titans series, along with Hank!

Ok, time for the final question! I hope you're ready, because this one is going to be a doozy!


Question 5: This troubled villain/sometimes hero absolutely hates governments and corporations, and includes spray paint as a part of their wide tool belt. They are a constant pain for Batman, and, shockingly enough, they are the child of the Joker!

Answer: Anarky! Anarky is the coolest obscure DC character ever! And it's completely unfair of DC to not use this character more! I mean, he's a super-genius, an evil mastermind, and he has the power to take down entire governments! If it weren't for the Caped Crusader and his trusty sidekick Robin, Anarky would have burned the world to the ground on several occasions! And when it was revealed that he was the Joker's biological son?! As if he wasn't already a big threat! Anyway, Anarky has appeared in the TV series Beware the Batman, and in Batman: Arkham Origins.

Ok, you've made it to the end! To be honest, I didn't think you'd make it this far. Guess I'm going to have to feed my cliche alligator-shark-chihuahua hybrids something else, they'll be so disappointed. Anyway, let's see how you did using the points chart below!

5/5: You sir, are a DC GENIUS! You know your stuff, and will make sure everyone knows it by telling your friends and family trivial comic book character knowledge that you've stored in your mind to keep for such an occasion! I'd tip my hat to you if I had one on!

4/5: Ok, so you missed one. So what? You still did pretty well! You may not be an 'all-knowing' DC master, but you're getting there. Just a little bit more studying and you're on your way!

3/5: Hmm....ok, standard. I mean, that's not too...embarrassing. Hey, at least you got the larger fraction's worth of possible right answers correct, right?

2/5: Ok, not very good. It's not the worse, but it's not the best either. Far from it.... Eh, you're probably just more of a Marvel fan right? Hopefully that's the case...

1/5:.....Please step slightly to the left, so that I may release the latch below you and make you fall into my allisharkhuahua pit!

0/5: My allisharkhuahua's have rejected you. You need to make some serious life decisions and get your act together.

So what did you get? Tell me and the world your score! Be honest!

Thanks For Reading!

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