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We all know it, most superheroes have dead parents. That's what makes them superheroes, right? Well, the reason that the writers made them orphans was for a reason called "The Alienation Factor." This factor separates the child from the rest of his culture, making him feel alone (e.g. Bruce Wayne is a billionaire playboy but feels empty because of his parents' death). When they feel lonely, they set out to cure this empty hole in their spirit, and that normally ends up with them becoming a superhero.

Ok, got sidetracked for a minute there, where was I? Oh yeah! While we make jokes about the orphaned superheroes in comics, there have actually been a few superheroes that didn't aren't Orphans (enough that I can make a top 5 list).

My Qualification is as Follows: At least one of their Parents has to have been alive at the time of their becoming a superhero. So without further ado, My Top Five Non-Orphaned Superheroes!!!

#5. New Green Arrow, aka Connor Hawke

Son of Green Arrow
Son of Green Arrow

Connor Hawke is the son of of Oliver Queen and Sandra Hawke. Oliver didn't even know of Connor's existence until he was an adolescent. When Ollie found him, he decided to take him under his wing and train him to become the next Emerald Archer. The New Green Arrow eventually just became Green Arrow when Ollie went off the grid. When Oliver returned, they both housed the name "Green Arrow," so Connor Decided to set out on his own in a different city.

#4. Scarlet Witch, aka Wanda Maximoff

Wanda Maximoff is a Super-villain turned Avenger and is the alleged daughter of none other than Gandalf, err Magneto. However, it was recently revealed by Marvel that she was not the biological daughter of Magneto, but he was, in fact, her step-father. But, she still fits in the category of a non-orphan because her Mother still lives. Scarlet Witch, along with her brother Pietro, aka Quicksilver, both started out as villains working for their step-father Magneto and his Brotherhood of Evil Mutants. They once fought the Avengers, and at their defeat, were offered a place with the team.

#3. The Flash, aka Wally West

Wallace Rudolph West is the son of Rudy (Rudolph) West and Mary West. When Wally was a baby, his dad left his family alone and wally was raised by his mother. One day, Wally went to Central City to stay with his aunt Iris (whom he considered to be his very best friend). Iris was at that time dating Barry Allen who was "friends" with the Flash.

#2. Hit-Girl

Hit-Girl is the only daughter of the protective, but also really cool, Big Daddy. Big Daddy was a vigilante-superhero in his city. when Hit-Girl was only 11 years old, she took on the mantle of Hit-Girl and became the teenage Vigilante sidekick of Kick-A**. Hit Girl's father did die, but not before Hit-Girl became a superhero! This brings us to number one!!!

#1. Wonder Woman

Diana Prince is the daughter of Hippolyta of the Amazons, and the Granddaughter of Ares. Yeah, this makes her one of the only superheroes with a living Grandparent (I mean, sure, he's a god but still). Diana was trained as a warrior princess (so Xena?) with the Amazons on the Island of Themyscara. She became the warrior known the Wonder Woman against her mother's will, but hey, that's any teenager for you.


Honorable Mentions

Superman - Clark Kent

Quicksilver - Pietro Maximoff

Thor - Donald Blake

I hope you enjoyed my Top 5 List, I know you're probably all about tired of them by now!!


Who is Your Favorite Non-Orphaned Superhero


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