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Most years, we don't have a truly EPIC score until summer comes. Well, I guess 2015 has been sticking out by giving us one of the most epic scores I've heard. that score: "KINGSMAN: THE SECRET SERVICE" by Henry Jackman.

Not only was it an epic movie, but the score is awesome, too. Almost like a James Bond film, it is classy, action packed, and all around cool.

Here is the score to listen to:

This playlist is out of order, but here is the full track listing with a review for each song.

1. Manners Maketh Man: A great intro to the album, with a pulsing rhythm and an awesome theme, it definitely gets you in the Kingsman mood

2. The Medallion: A somewhat quiet and deep song, until the end when the main theme grows and explodes in a serenade of awesomeness.

3. Valentine: Obviously the villain's theme, the pulsing synths are grating and creepy, and the spookiness emerges throughout.

4. To Become A Kingsman: The heroic theme comes back, this time on a piano, and grows again in our ears.

5. Pick A Puppy: A strange title, but an awesome song. An almost eerie tone at first grows into a cool electric guitar plucking (true Jackmanism), but then the villian's theme comes back around.

6. Drinks With Valentine: A sad song, filled with blips of Valentine's theme, and it almost grates you to the bone.

7. Skydiving: Action packed, serenading, and awesome. One of the best tracks on the album.

8. Shame We Had To Grow Up: Sad, brooding, creepy, and almost tear jerking, this song easily ranks itself towards the top.

10. Curious Scars And Implants: Valentine is back, and so is his theme. Pulsing, rhythmical, brooding, dark, everything evil rolled into one song.

11. Toast To A Kingsman: Heroic, majestic, slow, and cool, this song makes you want to stand and pump your fist!

13. Eat, Drink, And Paaaaarty: Not what the title suggests, but still action packed.

14. Calculated Infiltration: Best. Song. Ever. Especially starting at 5:47. Epic awesomeness!

16. Hand On The Machine: Another action song, but not quite as epic as the others.

17. Finale: A great conclusion to the score, it leaves the listener with a feeling of awe and "We did it!"


So, I've proved to you, track by track, that Kingsman has the most epic feel of 205 (so far). What do you think? Let me know in the comments!


Do you think "Kingsman" has the most epic score of 2015 so far?


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