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Earlier on a nice Colorado day, me and my family decided to go see the movie Home. Home stars Pop singer Rihanna and legendary pop singer Jennifer Lopez. Home is about an alien named Boov that meets a young human girl named Tip for the first! Boov and his Boovian kind has taken over Earth as a new home and decide to gravitate everything in their path. Boov on the other hand, can't be accepted by anyone because of his many mistakes in his life. Suddenly, he makes the biggest one yet by sending an unexpected house warming invitiation to their mortal enemies the Groovs. Going through an amazing traveling and life learning adventure, Tip has lost her mom to the Boovs and now needs Boov's help to find her also to clear his name. Boov and Tip starts to learn a thing or two new about each as they travel. Home is a G-rated movie that will have the kids laughing their hearts out. Home teaches you valuable lessons about Love, companionship , and imperfections that make us all human. Home is a recommended movie I suggest you go see in your spare time with family or friends.


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