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This is certainly one of my most ambitous projects yet, and that's saying a lot. But it's also a oppurtunity for people to learn about different mythologies without being too complex and overwhelming like Smite. That being said, the game would be built on frequent expansions and updates. With that being said: Diety's Minor!!! The game is set in modern-day 2006. And as all, or at least some nations have modernized, so have the gods they once worshipped, or so you'd think... While Greek, Norse and Egyptian dieties experience a boom in popularity and recognition, birthing a lot more demigods due to this very reason, others are forgotten about and no longer have children such as the Aztec and Mayan divine beings and others refuse to have kin, disgusted by what their country has become, such as some of the Asian gods and the Russian ones of the nations that would become the large European state. However, while the gods become more and more hostile and jealous toward each other, once powerful beings that were once feared and revered are gathering power for revenge through corruption and misery of both the gods and the humans in order to return and defeat their adversaries. Now, as the rapid repopulating of demons becomes more and more obvious, the gods must give birth to a new generation, once that will finally put a end to the creatures they were once victorious over once and for all, before tensions can spout a war between the dieties, but it may be already too late. Meanwhile, one singular God and his followers lurk in the shadows, ready to strike down these annoying "pretenders" when the time is right.

You start off the game in a hub area relative to the mythology of the god you chose to be your parent. (Roman demigods in Italy, Greek Gods in Greece etc.) Then, you level up and gain various abilities/spells by fighting monsters birthed in the legends of the mythology you chose, varying in difficulty, though just as the gods have modernized, adapted to the new changes to their location or stay the same, it's the same with the monsters. Think Percy Jackson and Kane Chronicles for a idea of what I mean. Each god grants different unique bonuses to whoever chooses them and the game would start out with Greek, Norse and Egyptian with others being added through expansions and updates. There would be boss encounters with figures such as Orochi, Kronus and Loki just to name a few. To make sure this article is not too long, mythological creatures and/or gods will be discussed next, starting in the next posting. The game would be on PC, Xbox One, possibly Wii U and PS4.


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