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The legendary Nolan Trilogy is over, but fans want more Batman. Everyone loves Batman. DC Comics knows this and gives us what we want with the upcoming Superman VS Batman: Dawn of Justice. Then we have Justice League coming soon. But what comes after that? If anyone at DC Comics is reading this, here me out(By the way, love you guys at DC Comics).

A Batman Beyond Movie

Let's see Bruce Wayne's older years. He is always going to be our Batman, but his cowl must be passed on. Let's see Bruce train Terry McGinnis to become the future Batman. Sounds good right? But here's the thing....let's set it in the Michael Keaton Universe.

That's right. Let's see Michael Keaton reprise his role as Bruce Wayne, but as a much older Bruce. Alfred would sadly be dead. Dick would be old. We could see the Robin suits, Nightwing, and Batgirl suits in the Batcave. Bruce has his good old Ace at his side. In the old movies, Batgirl was named Barbara Wilson. What if I was found out that her real father was Commisioner Gordon, making her Barbara Gordon. There's so many things you could do. In the comic, The Killing Joke, Barbara was shot by the Joker. But since his death in Batman, the villian who shoots her could be changed. What if she took a bullet saving Batman from Deadshot? That could be cool. She'd be paralyzed and mad at Bruce, she leaves. Batman and Robin stop Deadshot, but Dick having feelings for Barbara left to take care of her and later becomes Nightwing. Then Bruce explains the other Robins to Terry. Barbara was healed by this time thanks to medical advances over time and becomes Commisioner and aims to stop vigilantes and villians. Then when Terry becomes Batman Barbara confronts Bruce. Then all the magic. But one thing you're missing....the big villian. I can't think of one but I'm sure you can(comment ideas).

So here's the plot: Start out with Michael Keaton as an old Bruce Wayne. Have a monologue with Bruce explaining how you either die a hero, or live to see yourself become the villian. He explains how Gothams gotten worse and in his old age he can't keep up. He's given up. He's depressed. Alfred's died, Dick left, Barbara left, Jason, Tim, and his own son Damian who died. Bruce can't go on any longer. He still runs the Wayne company. On the way to a meeting, his limo is ambushed by a Joker Gang and throw Bruce out of the limo demanding money. A young boy stops them and helps Bruce up. Bruce introduces himself and finds out the boys name is Terry McGinnis. He gives Terry a job as his “assistant”. He tells Terry that what he did was brave and that after a lot of thinking he wanted Terry to be his successor. He takes Terry to the Batcave. Terry finds the suits. Bruce explains how Barbara found out she was the commissioners daughter and was shot by Deadshot protecting Bruce. She then left the group. Dick Grayson and Bruce stopped Deadshot but Dick left too to help Barbara. He then became Nightwing. Then Jason came, was almost killed by Deathstroke(in place of Joker). He was still barely alive, but he lived, left, and became Red Hood. Then Tim came and left to become Red Robin. Then his son Damian was killed by Killer Croc in an Arkham Asylum breakout rampage. Bruce gave up for a while but Selina Kyle convinced him to go back. Eventually he got to old and gave up. Terry is overwhelmed and leaves. He comes back a few days later. He trains with Bruce for a few weeks. Bruce shows Terry the latest suit and all the upgrades. He then shows him the new Batwing. Terry takes it out for a spin one night while Bruce is out with Selina. Bruce comes home angry with Terry but cools down eventually. Barbara Gordon is the police commissioner and aims to stop the new Batman. She meets Bruce and Terry in the Batcave. Bruce says Gotham still needs it's hero. Barbara says she'll hunt them down and stop them. A big villian comes to town thinking the new Batman is the old one and they want revenge(maybe it's Deathstroke). When the villian destroys the police headquarters Barbara seeks out Terry to stop him. He loses. He trains harder with Bruce. He goes out again more experienced. Deathstroke starts beating the crap out of Terry again. Bruce has an armored suit built for heavy duty and goes out to help Terry. He saves Terry and together they defeat Deathstroke. It ends with Bruce saying how he was wrong. Heroes either die a villian, or they are reborn into a symbol. Batman lives on forever even if Bruce dies. You then see Terry flying around Gotham.

Thoughts? Comments?


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