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Superhero movies are great. In the past decade or so they have really blow up to become this phenomenon that we know today. The box office monsters drive comic fans crazy, for reasons both good and bad.

Fans of the source material will never be completely happy with what they see on the screen because, let’s face it, there are always going to be some changes. That being said, I feel that the people at Marvel have done a good job of creating a universe filled with compelling story telling. Most of their changes haven’t been too painful for comic fans to watch (keyword here being most, I’m lookin’ at you, Mandarin).

Still, there is work to be done. With all the years of great comics, we have seen hundreds of great characters. The movies we love have only scratched the surface. So I’ve put together a list of five Marvel characters that I would most like to see on the big screen. For some criteria here, I am not including any characters who have already been included in a movie or TV show, whether that movie took place in the MCU or not (so no Fantastic 4 or X-Men). I will also not be including any characters that we already know are going to appear in a movie or TV show the near future.

So here we go, my top five characters who have not yet appeared in a movie and are not definitely appearing in a movie in the near future but should... I could use a catchier name.

#5 The Beyonder

When putting this list together, I tried to separate the actual character and the stories that they’re involved in. But one of the Marvel stories that I would really love to see made into a movie is Secret Wars. Quick Synopsis. A powerful being known as The Beyonder summons a team of heroes and a team of villains to a planet that he created. He lets the two teams know that if they eliminate their opponents they will have all they desire. And of course, a battle ensues.

Surely, this would be one of those stories that would feature quite a few changes, especially since they don’t have the rights to all of the characters in this story. However, I personally wouldn’t mind some changes to this story. I think the overall arc is good, but some of the events that occur could use a revamp. I would love to see what kind of movie Marvel could create with this story.

#4 Nova

This is one character that it looks like we will see in the near future. However, we don’t know for sure yet. Richard Rider (aka Nova) is just a high school kid from New York when he is selected to replace the last surviving member of the Nova Corps. You remember those guys with those weird looking ships that linked together in Guardians? Yeah, those guys.

Nova is a popular character and a lot of fans have been asking to see him on screen for a while. He would be easy to fit into the MCU and could definitely be entertaining. Whether he gets his own movie or is thrown into a team, Nova should be a no-brainer as an addition to the MCU.

#3 Namor

I know. There have been some issues with the rights. And sure, as a character, he’s a little bit out there. I mean, he’s the king of Atlantis? Are movie audiences really going to buy into that? Or is this just taking it a bit too far? In my opinion, if this character is done right, he could become a quick fan favorite. Not to mention, he’s one of Marvel’s oldest characters. I mean the guy appeared in Marvel Comics #1!

He’s a key piece in a lot of stories and one of the most powerful and respected characters in the Marvel Universe. His stern and brutal personality could really pop on screen, especially when thrown in with the typical heroes that we know and love. Plus, he could make for some great fight scenes and some killer special effects.

#2 Moon Knight

This is another one of those characters that everyone has been calling for. Some have speculated that we may catch a glimpse of him or at least get some kind of easter egg for him in Daredevil or one of the other Netflix series. Still, we are all waiting impatiently to see one of the darkest heroes Marvel has to offer on screen.

I’ve heard Moon Knight described as Marvel’s Batman. Who doesn’t want to see that!? I mean, he does have some differences from Bruce Wayne. Most notably would be the fact that he’s... well... kind of insane. He has a multiple personality disorder that leaves him pretty unstable. It also makes him a very interesting character.

#1 Carnage

Here we go. Now we’re talking. You want to talk about an interesting character? You know what, let’s back up. Forget Carnage. Let’s start with Cletus Kassady. This guy is an insane mass murderer. He had a tortured childhood and uses that as fuel for his craziness. His goal is to eliminate law and order and create total chaos. And that lands him in a cell with someone we know pretty well, Eddie Brock. (It hurt not to put Venom on this list. But despite his portrayal being just awful, he was still in a movie).

That’s where we get Carnage. The Venom symbiote creates a spawn that binds with Kassady, giving the maniac the power he needs to create... you guessed it... Carnage. His love of chaos and destruction combined with the fact that he is completely and absolutely insane makes him one of Marvel’s most intriguing characters. The symbiote could look incredible on screen and story he could be a part of would make for a great movie.

Those are the five characters that I would most like to see in the MCU. I’m curious to know who you guys think should play these characters so let me know in the comments.


Which character would you most like to see in the MCU?


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