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Darren Parro

Robert Downey Jr and Jude Law RETURN as Sherlock Holmes and his Partner in Crime....Solving Dr Watson. In Sherlock Holmes 3 which from what I have read so far to date is scheduled to start filming Fall of 2015 with a possible release in February or March 2016. As we all saw in 2 they left an opening for 3 with the last scene showing us that Sherlock did not in fact die in that scene where he and Professor James Moriarty A.K.A. Jared Harris threw each other over the ledge. From the first 2 movies I can say in my own opinion I think Downey makes the BEST Sherlock Holmes ever and this should be a good flick. Also from what I understand Rachel McAdams AKA Irene Adler will also be joining them again. After what one can only assume would be a quick stint in the clink. This should be one to watch and I look forward to its release however don't get your hopes up too high just yet as Avengers and Captain America are BOTH on higher on the Priority List


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