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i don´t consider myself an smartass in the world of comicbooks, i think that's the funny part of it, you'll never know what's coming next

Okey, so this is my first post in here, first of all I wan't to apologize for any english mispelling in this post, I decide to went full rogue, against th odds and make it about my top 5 villains that i like the most. Mainly I decided to made it of villains because is more easy for me to identify with them and their motives and reasons are always better than the hero's, even when most of them became some kind of cliché.

1. Reverse Flash.

This guy is just f*cking awesome, i mean he can do so much things to always screw our favorite spedster, there's been a lot of versions of this guy, including: The Rival(Dr. Edward Clariss), Professor Zoom(Eobard Thawne), Zoom (Hunter Solomon), Inertia(Thaddeus Thawne), and most recently Daniel West(the actual reverse flash in the new 52 comic book storylines), but more precisely Eobard thawne, the one that is in conflict with our currently Flash.
He is the responsible for practically every tragedy in Barry's life from a broken arm to the murder of his mother, and many more, and that's the main reason for what i like him, every time this guy and the flash met it always end up in an amazing story, his obsesion with the speedforce and barry as well is the main reason for him always try to find a way to turn Barry's life in a living hell, for example killig his wife, this trick try it twice, the second one didn't get so well and ended with his dead.
Another point is that we never got to see him before neither tv shows and videogames, not until the movie "Justice League: the Flashpoint Paradox" based in the homonym comic book series(for this guy's fault the whole DC universe got to be rebooted showing us a reality where while there is something that stays just like the previous version of this universe another things chaged radically) show us an animated versio of him and the popular TV series"The Flash" brought him to live with the alias of Harrison Wells.

2. Sinestro.

just beyond awesome
just beyond awesome

Tired of a life of do-well-ness, well not so well, Sinestro decided to go full Rogue after the guardians of the universe decided to exile him to the Qward planet, home of th anti monitor, he discovers a source of power later known as the yellow spectrum he decides to get revenge from his old allies.
I particulary like this guy's character and how he manages and built exits to most of his problems i also like how Geoff Johns manges this character so fine almost like a real person, giving him expressions and actions that fit in such a cool character, another thing that I like this guy is that he always looks for more and more power.
It's unfair consider him as a villain but we cannot, defi.nitely, consider him as a hero, so we can categorize him as a regular villain and an ocassional hero, i like his involvement in the recent event Forever Evil in wich an evil version of the justice league called themselves the cryme sindicate attack our dimension and "kill" our heroes, so it's on Luthor's hands to stop them ot without the help of black adam, sinestro an other rogues and in the 2008's blackest knight when every single corporatio fights agaist the black lanterns without looking away in 2007's he forms a new corp (the first since the green lanterns corp) self called the Sinestro corps is a formation of one of the most disgusting looking creatures in the universe to cause fear(that's what feed it) around it.

3. The Joker

What can I say?, you kow he was coming to this post, his insanity is the cause of mostly of all the big tragedies in gotham city, the unknown arch-nemesis of batman is my third favorite just because, i alway love this guy since i met him in the 90's aimated series and still don´t know why, i think it's because he alway pushes batman to his limit and try to make him break his only no-killing rule, also i think that the writer can drive him as crazy as he want's to, taking the recent event Death of the Family as an example, i this events he fights all the bat-family on his own just to make batman better, just like the way it used to be before robin, before batgirl, and any other around with a bat on his/her chest, playing with their minds, make them believe that he just ripped their faces just like he did with himself.
another story that needs to be told here is the killing Joke in wich present us the most accepted joker origin of all time, to be honest i love this graphic novel because it´s a source material for basically every single joker adaption since its release back in the 80's, he's been an iconic character and became most known for the 2008's the dark knight presentation, on my opinion this is an perfect adaptation but it miss something, to be honest, i feel him more like a terrorist than the joker, any way this is why i love him.

4. Anti-Monitor

gotta love him
gotta love him

Created in the origin of th multi-verse is by far one of my favorite villais, just because it represents a whole challenge to defeat him it was necessary like 25 heroes from diferents dimensions just to put him down and a little help from earth-2's superman to give the final punch, he's the devourer of universes and killer of millionsi think this is by far one of the most (if not the most)powerful villain in the DC multiverse, also he is the ruler of the anti-matter universe, he is responsible for many deaths, including:Barry Allen, Supergirl, the original Dove, and many more, Marv Wolvman made an incredible villain and with George Perez Brought him to live in a very passional way in one of the world famous limited series event that changed the whole dc universe. For good.

5. Black Manta

This guy is another toally badass in the DC universe, ot because he wears a ray-shaped helmet with big red eyes (kinda lame) but becase he is just a human, that's right a human, that's the reason for what i like him beside he's always calculating everything, he is a very interesting character that many people forget about. He hates aquaman, no doubt of that, i mean, he killed his son and leader a whole army of prisoners from xebel(the super prison in the bermuda triangle) along with siren (Mera's Sister) to kill all the erth-walker-life-form and get revenge for aquaman and mera once for all

this is my list if you want to make any comments about it, they're welcome in the comments section.


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